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AB Frustrations

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AB life isn't going too well for me in recent times and it's driving me insane.

I just wish I knew more people where I come from who shared the same AB lifestyle as me, I'm honestly starting to feel really alone in this now I've tried to explore this side of me as much as possible and I don't know anyone else around me I can share my feelings with if it weren't for ADISC I wouldn't know anyone at all into being AB/DL and I'll always be eternally grateful for stumbling upon this site and finding myself

I recently tried diapers for the first time and loved them, however I was only able to get away with it because my parents were away on holiday, I really really wish I could wear diapers on a more regular basis but I'm surrounded by too many judgemental people to ever hope for this to happen

I just don't know anymore, maybe I just need to talk to people more on ADISC but I can never ever gain the confidence to and I always just feel like a nuisance to everyone (I've had this problem with people for years)

sorry if this blog seemed a bit pointless but I just needed to let my feelings be known, I just don't know what to do

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