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I'm lying in bed in the wettest diaper I've ever worn, waiting for my roommate to leave for her morning run so I can move from the bedroom to the living room. This, literally, has been the last five days of my life.

I'm not 24/7; I could never be 24/7. But Wednesday I put on a diaper and been wearing one ever since, a few scattered hours aside. I worked half-days this week, which made wearing to work a bit easier and a lot less nerve-wracking. Yesterday, after a couple hours in the office, I changed into an M4 Air Plus and spent the rest of the day wet, waddling, and delightfully happy. Before bed I changed into a normal M4. It's now soaked, quite literally, front-to-back. I don't usually mess myself, which makes this M4 the bulkiest diaper I've ever worn. It feels incredible.

My plan for today's pretty similar. I've got another M4 Air Plus ready to go; as soon as my roommate's gone I'm going to change out of this soaking M4, shower, cover myself in baby powder, and change into a fresh diaper. And then I'm going to call a halt to this binging. I can't really wear to work this week; next weekend I'm going out of town. Better to dial the urges down now, I say.

A quick note about my roommate, who plays an important role in my blossoming life as a DL. Last night she and I talked about me wearing diapers for the first time since I came out to her in November. Among other things, she told me she had no idea I'd been wearing; I was sure she could've told by the way my sweatpants were drooping, if not the telltale swishing sound. It really does show that no one can tell we're wearing. She also said how glad she was that I'm comfortable enough to wear around the apartment. That, I think, helps explain me going 24/5: I've grown more comfortable with diapers than I've ever been, and it's largely thanks to my roommate being so freaking cool about me wearing.

This binge might be nearing an end. It will not, however, be the last one.

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