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The life of Snivy

Game over...caught

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I was stuffing a baby diaper (For an article towards ADISC) and out of the clear blue, my mom walked in (My dumbass moment made me leave the door wide open so of course I didn't hear her) and I threw it on the floor...she still wanted to see it and I told her about it...her answer was "you need to go to a shrink" I tried to convince her and well.......things did not go so well.

I am getting a psychiatrist next week according to mom. Looks like my diaper days are over till I move out...

I am throwing out all my baby diapers but I don't know what to do with the bellissimo's I have...

UPDATE: She found the first pack of my Bellissimo's and did something with them...I don't know what.

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  1. RDBrony's Avatar
    That's a bummer man, I'm sorry to hear that. It's not fun getting caught.

    I hope things all work out for you.
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  2. Scaramouche's Avatar
    Aw that sucks! Well, the best advice I can give you is have a normal conversation with the psych and maybe, if he's educated in a wide range of topics, he will just say you're normal with a little fetish.
  3. Cottontail's Avatar

    I agree with zipperless, though. If you do end up talking to a psychiatrist, just be open and matter-of-fact. See where it leads. Hopefully it will placate your mom.

    Try not to toss out all your stuff!
  4. Snivy's Avatar
    Sorry but I have no choice...dumping it out all today when I go to college today and just going to give the bellissimo's to a really good ABDL friend of mine...

    ....i'm not myself.

    Just threw them all out only question is wonder what the janitor will think when he empties the trash can at the college and baby diapers (un-used) falls right out?
    Updated 20-Feb-2015 at 16:18 by Snivy
  5. FauxPas's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy

    Just threw them all out only question is wonder what the janitor will think when he empties the trash can at the college and baby diapers (un-used) falls right out?
    It's a college, I am sure he has seen some pretty weird stuff. Will probably think it was apart of a prank or something.
  6. Themanswifesman's Avatar
    The point is to let her know there is nothing wrong with you. Or (providing your forum "age" is correct) You can simply refuse to go and stay adamant to the fact there is nothing wrong with you.
  7. Snivy's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Themanswifesman
    The point is to let her know there is nothing wrong with you. Or (providing your forum "age" is correct) You can simply refuse to go and stay adamant to the fact there is nothing wrong with you.
    19 (I am an adult) and I tried to convince her but I am still getting a psychiatrist according to her. Nothing I can do to persuade her now. I'll be lucky if she forget's about it. I already threw all padding out (Except Bellissimo's, need a box to mail out, I spent $44 dollars for 16 and I don't wanna throw a chunk of money out)

    I am not moving out for the following reasons.

    1) No where to go (It's a community college with no dorms)

    2) No job, I have tried to look for a job and can't even find a part time job
  8. Maxx's Avatar
    Sorry about the <temporary> interruption of your diaper hobby.

    i'm imagining you sitting alone by yourself in the shrink's office as he has to go away and look this up because he's never heard of it.
  9. Themanswifesman's Avatar
    In all honesty, I doubt you'd be going to a shrink. Even if her intentions are solid, you could try to explain to her that it's something ingrained. Make her realize she would be wasting her time, effort, and money trying to do such.

    ... Shrinks are expensive.
  10. Tyger's Avatar
    Awww man, I'm sorry snivy, my advice is, get whatever sources you can that explain infantile small in its good light as it really is, and bring it to present to the shrink, lots of therapists don't know what it is, and the dumb ones don't research it afterwards. If you don't go to a shrink that is prescribed by a religion then you have a good chance that the therapist will be on your side when you help them understand it. You might even be able to go to some psychology forums and get opinions of people on there. Make sure to get info on the dangers of tampering with things like sexual nature and such.
  11. Marka's Avatar
    I'm sorry to hear it Snivy!

    One could speculate, that on a [I]subconscious[/I] level... you [I]wanted[/I] or [I]needed[/I] to be caught, to be free of the burden of hiding your nature... and maybe even a desire to be accepted for your whole self. (The subconscious mind can [I]trickses[/I] us...)

    While things are probably not looking favorable to you now; This still is an opportunity for you to better sort out, what this is and isn't for you... and with that, what it can be to others near and dear to you as well...

    Take this one moment at a time, give your self a chance to regain some composure... maybe agree to seeing a clinical psychologist/counselor, making the point that you don't go to a surgeon for a hang-nail... besides, you'll generally get a referral to a psychiatrist only if it's deemed necessary. Your embarrassment, and your mom's reaction does neither one constitute a psychiatric necessity...

    Take care!
  12. HushedSnow's Avatar
    Hopefully you find some small pleasure to know shes wasting money on something that just isn't needed, from the sound of things at least.
    Meanwhile, I do sympathize with you on a new level, I can't even bring into the house a single diaper without getting caught. No place to run no where to hide either. These things just happen yknow?
    Anyways I don't have any advice for you, if that's what your looking for, I'm not a good person for that. Just thought I'd give my own two cents on the matter.
    Okay, well anyway, hang in there. I'm sure you have everything under control! It'll all pass eventually right? Alright well, Good night and good luck!
  13. BluefireJay05's Avatar
    That really sucks about getting caught snivy I am sorry to hear it man I hope all works out really well and good luck with the pysch! Also I wish I could take the bellisimo's off your hands good luck with it all!!
  14. Starrunner's Avatar
    What about compromising with her? Tell her you're willing to see a psych, as long as it is one that you can both agree upon. It could be an opportunity to find a progressive one who could help you deal with whatever you want to talk about, and could also tell your mother (with your consent) that there's not a damn thing wrong with you.
  15. JazzBaby's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about you getting caught.
  16. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    Good luck from me as well Snivy! I know it's not much consolation, but it could have gone worse.. it sounds like. I really hope that the psychiatrist ends up being a good thing, and not a horrible thing. Please keep us updated and I hope very soon you are able to get your own place in some fashion. Don't give up hope on the job!
  17. DannyBBaby's Avatar
    you will just have to hold on for a bit snivy, life has a way of throwing a bump in the road of life now and then. but in time thing will get better.
  18. boobybird89's Avatar
    Get a job, save up and in time you'll get it back. *hug* - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.