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Weekly 24/7 Update (2/19)

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New blog entry!

I still have complete control, but I think my bladder capacity is beginning to decrease. I've noticed I have to pee a lot more often now. Because of this, I had to buy some inserts to increase the absorbency of my diapers (I'm deathly afraid of leaking at work).

And while I still love diapers, I've found that wearing them out of "necessity" isn't as fun as wearing them for, well, fun. I'm constantly hoping my breaks at work come quicker so I can change out of my wet diapers. But, two good things came out of this: I LOVE the feeling of a fresh diaper now, and I don't have as much of an urge to "play" with myself during changes.

During one of my work changes, my boss walked into the bathroom as I was throwing the diaper away. I was soooo scared. I don't think he saw, and even if he did, he hasn't said anything. Still, that was nerve-racking.

A couple of the guys at work know I'm transsexual now. I said that I don't want to get drunk because I don't know what secrets I'll tell. One of the guys came over and asked if I was transgender, and I just stared at him in shock. I eventually got out "How the hell did you guess that?" He just smiled and said, "That actually explains a lot."

Well, he doesn't have a problem with it. It is kind of nice to get this off my chest (again...).

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