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You've seen this title before

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And the title is : First time trying out the Bambino Bellissimo Diaper

I'm having mixed feelings about this diaper. Price wise it is uneconomical for me to ship them regularly, I'd bought a sample pack just to try. It looks nice, it smells nice(before use), the plastic is nice to the touch. The absorbency is amazing, it's unbeatable. But my praise stops here.

There are two big big issues that bother me. The fit is not quite suited for me. I would be in between S and M, so this diaper comes up very high for me. This point is ambiguous and it is a personal POV. The other issue is the clumping issue. I have been told that it is minimal with this diaper, but with the 2 diapers that I've tried, I'd say the rate is similar to the other plastic-backed diapers that I've tried. It can even happen to a dry diaper, for I'd taken off the diaper and used it the next night. For me, it clumps at the seat of the diaper, so when I sit down it can be uneven. Crotch-area clumping is minimal, but it happened too. And the most obvious issue is the crinkle. It is LOUD!

Maybe I've been using cloth-backed for too long. But I love the Tena Value Diaper much more, nothing beats it for it is affordable, plastic-backed and super absorbent (guess that's why they call it 'Value').

In other news, I've been feeling a little frustrated. I am a citizen of my country, and my family has been here for 5 generations, which is more than the national average. (The country was founded as a settlement only 195 years ago). Anyway, the people I meet for work all think that I am a foreigner. This, to me is very unsettling. Apart from feeling insulted when people ask me, there is also the underlying social problem of how people are unable to recognise their own countrymen. And this, I guess, is the big problem with xenophobia.

I'm in the midst of writing a collection of ABDL stories for publication, but that would take a while.

Some readers of my regular blog are going to complain why I haven't posted in a while, so I shall head over there now.

- Selv

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