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Does Your Wife Know You Look At Pics?

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So today on tumblr, I got an anonymous question asking what my wife would say about comments I have made on pics of other women, that might be taken as flirtatious. Or something to that effect.

I thought about how to answer that question. For one, I hope she has never found my tumblr blog. I am not trying to flirt, I was just complementing. Anyway, she knows I share pics of myself and her (not many cause she is not that into it and just does it for me once in a while) online somewhere, without our faces, but has never asked about it where it is or wanted to see it. She just hopes I am careful with them, so she and I don't get found out by friends, family and people we know. Then I started feeling guilty for even looking at other pics. So, I deleted the whole account!

I would not blame her if she was looking at other guys pics because I am not all that, and I trust her, but feel bad if she found the pics and comments I have made about other girls, because I love my wife and wouldn't want to hurt her. I shouldn't have been looking in the 1st place. I am really lucky that she is so understanding of my diaper fetish in the 1st place, and would hope she could trust me, I am not out there trying to score with some other woman who likes diapers. If I talk to other women, it's just as friends.

Anyway! I hope it wasn't her asking that question. I am such an idiot and just as bad as other men I guess. I am going to try to not do that anymore!
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  1. Talula's Avatar
    Hey, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    People look at pictures sometimes. Even 'normies' look at porn sometimes. And that's ok.

    I'm fairly sure my husband doesn't look at porn of any sort, and I don't think he looks at real girls dressed in ABDL gear (maybe cartoons!), but if he did that's ok. We all have our fantasies and desires that cannot be acted out in real life, as long as you aren't acting on anything or posting anything really innapropriate then I'd say it's fine.

    If you're really worried, then talk to your wife about it. She's obviously understanding and open minded, you might be surprised about what she says.

    When my husband and I first got married, about a month afterwards I went to stay at a male friends house. We hadn't seen each other in aaages (he came to the wedding but we didn't get a good chance to catch up) and I stayed over night in the guest bedroom. Absolutely nothing innapropriate happened, and my husband knew where I was, it's not like I did it behind his back. But some old women at work still said to me 'oh my god, what would your husband think/say if he knew you were staying at another guys house? how can he trust you?'. These people do not have a trusting relationship with their SO. I've learned not to listen to them. I'm allowed to have male friends and go and see them without my husband in tow, just as he is allowed to have female friends and see them without me following him around. It's a relationship based on trust, which is something these women do not know.

    (Sorry, that turned into a bit of a rant, I guess that had bothered me more than I thought!) My point is, what you're doing (probably) isn't wrong, and your wife might well understand you looking at pictures of girls dressed up online. You don't need to listen to what random strangers on the internet are saying (myself included!! :P)
  2. blankonmymind's Avatar
    I know how you feel about people talking, it has happened to my wife too, because I have more female friends then men friends. They will ask her, aren't you a little worried. She says, nope, cause I trust him. I have just always gotten along better with the opposite sex and felt more comfortable around them and they seem more comfortable around me I guess. My wife says its because you don't act all "macho" and stuff like other men and she noticed that from the beginning and was one of the things she liked about me when we 1st started dating. When we are at our kids practices and games, I am hanging around the moms more than the dads (and been privy to some interesting conversations, lol). Heck, a few of my ex girl friends are on my facebook friends list and we talk often. I have a male best friend but he isn't as easy to talk to about certain stuff, though he knows about the diapers. Most of my good female friends know about my diaper fetish too and are a lot easier to talk to about it.

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