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midnight snowfall

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It's a little bit after midnight in the Chicago area and we're having a winter storm. I mean it's nothing like what the northeast was socked with last week but it's easily going to be our biggest this year so far, so that's something. I'm sitting here in a late night living room by the light of a not-yet-put-away Christmas tree (artificial of course--a real one would have burned the place down by now) listening to the quiet everywhere. That's one thing you can always count on about snowstorms: quiet.

I spent this entire Saturday at school at a rehearsal for the play I am directing. I'm exhausted. Probably I should be sleeping instead of sitting here writing this, but I'm too tired to move off of this couch to go to bed. Thank goodness I have nowhere I need to go tomorrow. I suspect I would not go there anyway. :-)

I detest winter even though I have lived in northern climes all of my life. I will, though, admit that a new snowfall can be beautiful. We shall see if this one is when the morning comes. Me? I'm hoping for Currier and Ives. If you've got to have the snow, you might as well have the emotional moment, right? Of course, I'm also hoping for a massive heat wave on Monday, so there is that...



  1. Maxx's Avatar
    So instead, you have no school tomorrow.

    i've shoveled twice, shouldn't have bothered the second time. The wind blew everything over again.

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