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Thank you Moo and members of ADISC.

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Hello Everyone.

Today I am sitting here typing this blog with a peaceful heart and feeling of good health.

I have to take this moment and thank Moo for this site and all of the help that I have received over the last two years.

Two years ago today I was in one of the worst binge cycles I have ever had. I had been abstaining from diaper for eight years. I had had a few periods of dreaming about diapers, but that was it. I had gotten married and raised two kids during that time. Then out of nowhere I started having the dreams constantly, urges that I just could not stop, and worked myself into a depression. Because of a few shows that I had seen I knew that there was a faction of Adult Babies, so I looked stuff up on the internet. I first came across Bitter Grays web site and then found Baby Mitchy you tube video. I ordered my first pair of plastic pants, and thought that this may help. During all of the internet searches I did see ADISC came up so I checked it out. That was the best move I made in the last two years.

Thanks to the members here I have gained understanding and self acceptance. From there I gained control and set boundaries for myself and with my wife expectation of this issue. Now It is jus a part of me and there is a time and place for ABDL and Big life.

There has also been a lot of other benefits to this because I have friends all over the world and am able to see that the people of the world all have the same want and can get along. Why our governments can't figure this out is beside me.

Again thank you Moo and all of the members that have influenced my life over the last two years.



  1. kerry's Avatar
    egor, you are an amazing part of this site, one of the people who have been most influential on my own acceptance of the reality of my diapered life. Until now, I had not learned of this part of your backstory, and I am so happy that ADISC has been for you what it has been for me and for so many others: a place to meet people who know and understand that diapers are merely one facet of a full life. Way too many of those other sites out there seem to forget that. I think that nurturing the entirety of our selves is critical to helping us accept the parts we are not comfortable with. Thank you for your contributions to my journey here, and I hope in some small ways I've contributed to yours.

  2. whisko's Avatar
    i am glad that you've been helped by this site and the friendships that you have made here :-)

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