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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#146

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This afternoon I was in intense "Adult Baby Thoughts and Feelings Mode". I was in extreme
"Adult Mode" this morning and after worship at my Open & Affirming Church for the Annual
Congregational Meeting. I have served my 6 consecutive allowed 2 3-year terms as a Deacon
Elder and "High Officer of the Church". As a Gay Christian Adult Baby, I live my life in total
celibacy. Yet, I do experience yearning for a gentle, loving relationship with another Gay Adult
Baby near my own age. In another 6 weeks, I will be 57 years old. I yearn for another adult
man to treat me as if I were a baby, who is helpless, kind, and unconditionally loving. Is this
a realistic possibility? I honestly do not know. I would love to find someone special to be in a
"totally honest and open loving relationship with".

And people think that Autistic adults like me are incapable of yearning for and being in truly
loving relationships with other human beings? It is another fallacy non-disabled people have
about us persons on the Autism Spectrum. I do know of a couple of "Straight" Asperger's/
Autism couples who are married, and several other LGBT Asperger's/Autism couples who are

Of course, I think it is disgusting, that there are persons who call themselves Christian, who
use their religion to shit all over LGBT couples who are in permanent loving relationships. To
me, it is "God" who makes a truly relationship, not some earthly pronouncement from some
self-righteous "Pharassee" who is all clean and white on the outside, but filled on the inside
with the "Filth of Satan".

I do have an ongoing long-distance relationship with a Gay Diaper-Lover 11,000 miles away
from me, and I wish that he were beside me. I think of him every single day, but the only way
we can be together for now is via the YAHOO! Instant Messenger real-time one-on-one text
chat. At least I got to talk to him earlier this evening.

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