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Arcade Machine Update

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It's 3:42 AM, home from work, and I HAVE the part for my arcade machine. Wish me luck. I am worried it won't work. I'll know SOON! An hour or so.


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  2. Cottontail's Avatar
    What game is in it? Or have you MAME-ized it?
  3. BabyMitchy's Avatar
    Technically yes. It's MAME. I am not happy about that part but the machine was gutted. The electricals, transformer, monitor, everything. All that was left was controls and the cabinet. I plan on doing more in the future but I will probably just buy a machine outright since its cheaper. In order to put this to it's original state would have cost tons more money than I spent so far and more money than it's worth. The core components of these machines are worth more money separate under most circumstances which is why GUTTING arcade machines is so popular.

  4. Cottontail's Avatar
    That's cool. I'm actually a big fan of MAME. I had a large collection of JAMMA boards for my old cabinet, and while it was sort of fun to have the "real thing," those old boards are fragile and often unreliable, and aren't really meant to be swapped in and out regularly. I recently got rid of most of my boards (still have a Sega Naomi with a bunch of fighter carts), and am primarily using MAME. In many cases, it's just a better experience. I'm particularly a fan of the 1980's Capcom CPS games like Strider, and the CPS emulation is pretty much flawless.
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    Glad you got it working good luck with everything else! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.