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Why do I even try?

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As some may know I have worked for the same company for 7 years, going to be 8 in May. In that time I spent almost 4 years as floor staff and then got promoted to Supervisor and have since moved buildings a few times and finally landed at a location that I was told was the fastest way to get to Manager.

Almost 4 years and 18 attempts to get said position, I still feel I am no close to my goal. It is the most depressing thing that the only thing that seems to be holding me back is the interview. Because as much as I prep and as much as I build myself up and get the confidence, as soon as I sit down and the questions start, it all goes out the window.

The company cannot give me any further explanation of what I need to do, other than keep doing what you are doing. It really sucks that I have had 5 general managers 2 seniors managers and countless regular managers all tell me that I would do well in the position, but never give me the opportunity to prove myself.

But what sucks even more is each time I fail an interview, my performance for said interview stays "active" for 3 months, that doesn't mean that I can't apply for positions in those 3 months, but it means I don't get a chance to try to better my answers until those months are up.

My most recent interview, I got to do with 3 different GM's and a guy from the corporate office sat in as well, but he only sat in because he knew me and he actually really likes me and thanked me for my persistence and sticking with the company for so long even with all the ups and downs I have had. The only thing that pissed me off from that interview was when I sat down the first thing that was said was "We are interviewing you because your GM asked us too."

I mean what the fuck kind of message does that send to me? Either way just tonight the position opened up again at the same location, I feel like the person they thought they were going to get fell through. But I seriously don't even know why I try, considering how it makes me feel each time I am rejected.


  1. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    Man, that is depressing. It can be hard to keep at it after trying so hard for so long. I don't know what else to say other then I wish they appreciated you more. I mean, we've all been there. I know what it's like anyway. It stinks bad.
  2. ArchieRoni's Avatar
    Do you have any connections with where you went to college, still? Even if not, I'd suggest giving their career office a call. One of the services that college career counseling sometimes offers is mock interviews, with suggestions and recommendations for how to better present yourself and discuss your accomplishments. They might also put you in touch with an alumni who would offer the same service. And failing that, you could go to one of your mangers who does like you and ask him for suggestions on improving interview performance, including potentially doing some practice.

    Public speaking (of which an interview is just a variation) is a trained skill. I don't care how much you suck at it, you can learn it with practice and persistence.

    Having said that, the cynical part of me feels the need to suggest that one or more of your superiors are not being honest with you. They may encourage you without ever intending to give you the job because they think you would leave the company otherwise. I'd suggest you at least consider passing your resume on to a headhunter or another company with a note that you're good at what you'd do and would like opportunities for advancement. You might just hear back.
  3. Maxx's Avatar
    ArchieRoni has some good suggestions. I'll be more specific. Toastmasters to hone your speaking skills, and second the notion that you need to keep your options open outside the company. Discreetly, of course.

    I can recall a couple situations where underlings I had developed from entry level went to competitors. At the time, I had no advancement to offer them, so I congratulated them and told them I considered it a compliment that a competitor wanted to raid my people. The truth. There isn't always room for all the good people to rise in the same company.

    No point in burning bridges. It occurred to me that I might need a reference from them in the future, and that developing people the competition wanted looked good on my resume. Not all managers feel or behave that way... just my 2 cents.

    P.S. Don't rule out taking a position because the 1st choice fell through. Its still an opportunity to shine. I got a branch manager position that way, and proceeded to rape the company for profit bonuses the next few years. Earned the down payment to my house the first year. A woman I promoted to sales engineer made even more than I did. Everybody won, no hard feelings. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.