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The life of Snivy

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Just thought I would make a blog on all the DC/TC members. (Even if we have a TC Leader List to look at) Throwing this in my signature for quick access. Make life easier for me and others.

Number of DC's = 16
Number of TC's = 21

Distinguished Contributors

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Top Contributors

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  1. Scaramouche's Avatar
    Good research!
  2. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    Snivy, this was really cool. Thanks for taking the time to dig out these.
    Updated 10-Jan-2015 at 00:44 by gigglemuffinz
  3. whisko's Avatar
    i was a dc for a year i think, because i posted some stuff that was thoughtful and got lots of reputation points. and then it wore off. but it was fun! there's nothing negative about the established/distinguished/top contributor levels.
  4. Adventurer's Avatar
    Aw, now all the stalkers are gonna know how to find me...:p

    Impressive research skills Snivy!
  5. Marka's Avatar
    For most, if not all of us... it's not a competition... It also changes it's meaning as we go along... it's not a position of being better than anyone, or of abject authority...

    Hierarchical systems have a very important role for many creatures...

    [QUOTE][URL=""]"Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last"[/URL] <<VIDEO<<
    As the leader, you have only one responsibility, which is to make sure that the people you know, are confident, and feel looked after, and encourage them to do the same, for the people who fit a lower hierarchy from them, and so-forth,

    For those who feel confident and safe, they will treat others accordingly, that those others will also feel confident and safe...[/QUOTE]

    Even for those who are more [I]qualified[/I], perhaps more deserving, yet do not have the time, energy, or inclination, to put in the work that it takes... their availability of that degree of participation, is rightfully self-regulating; preventing their elevation in a hierarchical standing... They may be great authorities yet, they cannot more effectively, and consistently be to the avail of those in need. It's more akin to laws of physics, than a popularity, or strictly qualitative standpoint... it is intrinsically quality+quantity... the sum of which is greater than its respective parts...

    It's not about fitting any particular mold (or casting) either... as an example... the TC's here, are about as different from one-another as many other samples of populations... Our commonality may reside with intent, fortitude, persistence, as well as availability... we each one, have reached different parts of the community, though in different ways... It takes some of us years to achieve, and others only months... some keep the [I]rank[/I] for years, while others... only for months...

    Reputation, and the subsequent [I]status[/I]... are a good indicator of over-all community health too... it does provide a sort of incentive as well... Admittedly, sometimes the motivation is rather shallow, or self-serving in the beginning... though that usually gets worked out by loosing the status, or growing into it's importance by responsibility, and the servitude it takes to give back to this community, which often has helped us in many ways, as well as recognizing our value as a consistently meaningful resource to the community in general...

    I do remember feeling a lot of angst about reputation and status myself... and, while I certainly don't begrudge it now... I have not forgotten my humble beginnings and, I remain humble today... perhaps more-so. I feel a duty and a responsibility to honestly be who I am, and to strive for better from me, and for me...

    It's not a perfect system... I've yet to witness such a thing... however, overall I'd say it works pretty well... It's not without it's misgivings, oversights, and [I]undersights[/I]... If you've the desire, the time, and the dedication (or are particularly skilled for it)... you, and pretty much anyone else here can achieve the same thing... a bit of timing is involved too, and networking helps...

    Another thing too... helping and supporting others, isn't always self evident... sometimes counter intuitive at that... reputation helps to guide us to what the community wants and needs, moreover what we think is needed or helpful... and, it let's us know in a general fashion... that we're on the right path...

    I hope to have helped!
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