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checking in

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School starts here in less than a week, so nerves are starting to be rattled. Trying to get back into the routine of things. 50PUshups in the morning 50 push ups at night, and maybe 1 mile 2 mile run somewhere in there? I have to start trying to practice the skills i want to better myself at. Balance, Drawing, writing, being stealthy>w>, parkour, yarn work! >w<( trying to make a tail for next con i might go to in may XP. getting really exited over it, but i atleast have to have a tail :3. I just have to think about a pattern or marking or something. Firestar and his Flame pelt i kind of look up to :3 him being my role model, which i know is kind of dumb but in the books he is such a great character its hard not to admire his courage and strength. the picture however isnt my rerepresentation of him, just some picture i found online.(I is not mien). I just thought my page looked blank without a picture so there we go :3. As far as my fursona goes Orange or white? but i dont want to be confused to have a foxes tail >~< 1) i have to make it slim enough but still floofy :3, 2) i need to mix up the colors besides just orange and white XP. Well i guess ill cross that bridge when i get there. but i am going to start to write more, and work on vocab for my own benefit. THe more you write.. the better you get. Even if its only mindless journaling, I am still using the skills as to write, just not in a creative fashion.

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