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My Room

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On Saturday I finally got around to painting my room! It has been a much needed task for many a month and it's finally done. I wrangled my brother into coming to help me and we did it in just a couple hours. Now the walls are a pretty, soft blue~
I like this a lot better than the old beige it was before. My room as a whole has a sort of nautical theme. My comforter has dolphins on it and I even have a net tacked to the wall where some of my stuffed animals and dolls like to sit. Blue probably isn't my most favorite color, but I definitely like it for my room.

Unfortunately I have to go back to school this weekend, so I won't be around very much longer to admire it. Oh well, I suppose it will be fine while I am away. I just worry about my plushies and I will miss them. It's a shame I can't take them all with me. In the end I am very much looking forward to being in school again.

Anxiously waiting,

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