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My Girlfriend/Mommy finally opened up to me

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I've always noticed that my girlfriend is a whiny little baby, but that's simply due to the fact that her mom always kept her close and sheltered her throughout her life. About a year ago I discovered myABDL side but only recently came to terms with it (after talking to all of you amazing people on ADISC). Whenever she was around my girlfriend was my mommy and of course I loved it but she expressed to me that if I wouldn't have brought AB up she'd have never tried it. After I moved away to college of course it was hard on us (especially since she'd lived with me for nearly a year prior to me leaving) but we managed to find ways to age play at a distance (I wore and she read bedtime stories to me).

About 2 days ago after being out at a family party I came home immediately put on my footies and grabbed my paci. My girlfriend just smiled at me and commented on how cute I looked. However after getting all snuggled in I jokingly offered her my paci and she said "no go get the other one, I want the other one" (the other one was new). I was shocked and sort of laughed but her face was very serious. So I went to get it and washed it off for her. I handed it to her but she didn't want me go see her put it in and enjoy it. It was sort of late but my girlfriend loves food at all times (she loves to eat and is a wonderful cook) so she asked me to make her 3 pancakes. I agreed on the condition that for each pancake she answer a question. I asked her did she feel "little", and she nodded yes. I asked her if she wanted to play into it and she shrugged but I knew that meant yes. Last I asked her if she thought it was wrong, she looked up at me and shook her head yes. So before making pancakes I explained to her how there isn't anything wrong with it. It is okay to feel like this and that she should indulge when she wants to, and then I kissed her forehead and make her 5 little silver dollar pancakes.

Last night we'd been at my grandmothers house all day, when we got home she was sort of sleepy but we stayed up until my mom left for work around 1030. After that I let her pick a movie to watch (she chose Lion King, she is an advid Disney fan) and like I said before she loves her late night muchies so I got her a bowl of cereal. After she ate that we laid down and talked a little. She told me that she's felt like a little before but didn't say anything. She also said she could tell that I notice (of course I did) but I never acted on it and it made her sad. I asked her what I was to her , I told her I didn't have to be her mommy I could be just me, or a friend, or aunt, uncle, cousin... But she shook her head and insisted that I was her mommy. I then asked if she wanted her paci and she smiled and shook her head yes. So I retrieved her paci along with our plushie, Ivan, and she sucked away and feel asleep on me. By the time I was ready for bed I woke her and she walked on the room while I straightened up the living room. Because she still had on her shirt that she'd worn all day I told her she needs to change into her pajamas and go potty. She said okay but I potty by mi self. So I helped my little girl change and she went potty. Because it had slipped my mind that she is lactose intolerant Id let her drink her milk in her cereal early (big mistake) she has big gas bubbles and she told me she had to pop cheese (her way of saying fart) and that her tummy hurt bad. I massaged her stomach (we both have stomach issues so we learned a massage via YouTube) and she passed her gas. While doing the massage she smiled at me and make noises and talked just like my little baby and even said "mommy is sleepy" when I yawned.

I am really glad to take care of her, of course my desire to be an ABDL haven't disappered but when I am taking care of her she's the only thing that matters. I am going to try to introduce diapers and sippy cups into play. I don't want to push her but she seems interested (when she told me to had to pee pee but it was too cold to get up. I said too bad my baby doesn't have a nappie on. She she said yeah I no have one on). I am going to buy her footie pajamas as a surprise (she commented on how cute mine were) and maybe her own paci because mine aren't girly and I'll try to gage what more she is into and her small likes and dislikes so far.

Thanks for reading this. Any suggestions? I've read other threads but I always love advice.

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