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Diapers in a relationship

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My girlfriend has been completely accepting of my AB side she even buys me binkys but, I decide about 6 months ago that I'd be wearing my diapers all the time and she was totally cool about it she even said you should go for it and stop being scared and people don't care stuff like that. Anyway about 4 weeks in she started giving me a look like your putting on another one after sex or after shower then that faded and fast forward to now so did the sex. As of now we have sex about once or twice a month maybe three times like as of late since its the holidays. We go out all the time nothing major we spend a lot of time together but, no she's working all the time and doing more with friends like tonight she went to a 10:00 movie with one of her friends that she's knows I distrust. I just hope Im not losing her because of what truly makes me happy and that sad part is I'm not scared to be alone because of it it's been that way before. Or am I just thinking too much.


  1. ozbub's Avatar
    Hey, I'm feeling you dude.... this sucks big time... the thing is it all seems kinda fun and exciting and a bit kinky for your non ab/dl partner in the beginning, and well I guess she also loves you and wanted to show her support......hmmm then after awhile, reality starts to sink in when she realises that this is actually not just a cute game and that this is genuinely part of who you are.....then I think they start to back away, maybe hoping it will go away.............:/ Also, I'm pretty sure that their perceptions of you change which could alter their type of attraction to you....the more you appear as a baby the less you appear as a man...something like that.

    this is something you should probably be talking out with her else it may drive you apart.
  2. Babyboyc's Avatar
    I try to talk to her about it and literally she just rolls her eyes like I'm paranoid.
  3. ArchieRoni's Avatar
    Don't start the conversation with the diapers, start the conversation with her feelings. Tell her that you feel like she's been a little distant recently and that you want to talk about it. Then you have to work through it and see if she feels the same way, if she denies it, what the reasons are (could be the diapers, could be something else, could be a combo of things). The first step is to just have the conversation. If she says you're paranoid, you can say that's just how you feel and you're trying to figure out why you feel that way. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.