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Instagram, love it, but hate it.

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Instagram is absolutely fantastic, and I love every bit of it... all except for the tons of people who attack the AB/DL, TB/DL, DD/LG, etc. communities. I've seen so many good people and couples bullied and hated upon from all sorts of people. I wish others could be more accepting of people's personal interests and keep to them selves about something that may disgust them or bother them rather than discriminate and target these people. I myself have been attacked quite a number of times, but I keep a close eye on the comments on my pictures and what people say. I try to stop it at the source and keep it from spreading any further. Sure I suppose I could just hit the private button and monitor who sees my content, but then it's hard to spread and find more of the community or people interested in the same things if I block my feed. (if that makes any sense XD) Either I do really like instagram regardless, I have 2 accounts myself, one vanilla, the other my DL account. I'm really surprised as to how much this community has spread throughout instagram. Has anyone else had any problems similar to this or noticed anything?

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  1. selv14's Avatar
    This is the thing about posting stuff on the internet. Anyone can see it, and anyone can say whatever they want. Some countries have sedition laws that extend to the internet, but these do little to stop these type of people. And that's the beauty of free speech. Violation of another's privacy, though serious, has become a oft-neglected thing.

    The thing about posting 'unusual' things is that you will also get 'unusual' responses(for the lack of a word). This is a fact that all internet users must understand. When someone who is opposed to things like LGBT/ABDLs/religious/atheists see something they do not like, they know that thousands of others will see the content. So posting anti-comments is their way of bringing down the hype that surrounds this content.

    While I disagree with all these cynicism, I guess the best way to deal with this would be moderation, which is what you have been doing.

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