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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#141

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Just another day until Christmas.
As usual, I feel sad at this time of year. The issues are that I am not
made out of money, plus sometimes having PTSD flashbacks that
are related to childhood abuse and neglect. Celebrating the Holiday
Season with my late Mom when she was alive was hell for me. I do
have quite a few memories of wrecked Christmastimes, because of
Mom's mental illness.

I did though go out earlier in the evening to the Mall at Rockingham
Park. I went to the Josh's Toys and Games. I purchased a small
Ty Beanie Baby plush toy unicorn for my plushie collection. I did not
spend much money on myself for Christmas.

Anyway, I am watching TV online until I go to bed at ~ 1:30 AM.

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