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Late Morning Early Afternoon

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Trying to get a routine together for the morning. To bad my morning started at 11 haha. Woke did my reality check. Changed out of my diaper XP did the treadmill, showered, changed into a fresh diaper :3, and now im sitting foruming and wasting my time with a measly breakfast of toast :3. SO 'kay though ill eat meals later. For now though its off to the neighbors house to game! hahaha! Hunter just got his brand new Asus and im so jelly haha. I just bought mine last year (a MSI) but 2017 my new chrismas present to myself is going to be gen 7 of the RoG seriers by asus. Man there isnt a better computer out there i swear, Or well for laptops anyways. Desktops will always beat laptops. I still need a new Mobo. and possibly a new Graphics card come next year, if i actually use the thing. But WE'll see. Time passes slowly but the memories we make will lieve forever.

I got this advice from another persons fortune cookie. "Make decisions with your heart, Make them happen with your brain" SO inspirational! Man i get chills when i read some stuff like that :P

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