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New Story Idea: The 1000 Year Old Little Girl (working title)

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So in my time somewhat inactive the gears in my head have been turning and my recent interest in futurology has given me an idea for a story that, if executed properly could be the most gripping and interesting story yet. I've wondered what it would be like if by the end of the century radical advancements in medicine and technology allowed many alive today to live indefinitely in good health. I ponder what I would do for the first millennium of my indefinite lifespan.

The story will basically be about a trans girl who one day becomes one of the first humans to be able to live indefinitely and one of the first to live 1000 years. A story spanning so many years could have a lot of content, so much so that I'm considering dividing the whole story into arcs. Each arc represents a single century in the main character's millennium long journey of self understanding and her struggle with Body Integrity Identity Disorder.

Instead of keeping people waiting for an entire story of this scope, I'm considering releasing the story in arcs as I get around to writing, proofreading, and publishing them here.

The arcs will be set up like:

Century I
Century II
Century III

Due to the nature of the story, I feel a diary/journal narrative structure would flow better than a conventional chapter structure. with each "chapter" or "sub-chapter" being a diary entry.


17, July 2991

["entry here"]

Anyway I think it could be interesting and hope to get around to working on it soon.

I call it a cross between an AB/DL fantasy story and an exciting scifi epic.

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