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Why fear judgment?

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I find it unhealthy to hide behind closed doors. You should hide your AB/DL side but don't hide who you are

I think its a lot more worse to hide than to be found out about. I would never openly tell people about my DL side and I hide my diapers as well as some of my adult baby items. I do think there should be things that are kept private. On the flip side though if you like something such as Frozen or MLP you should not be ashamed of it.

I decorate my place however I want. I dress how I want. (In reason mind you) but I never hide my pony dolls or my stuffed animals. Heck I have a really old pacifier that I keep in my jar that use to be mine as a baby. My mother gave it to me along with the story about how she had to break me of it before I got into school.

When people ask I tell them my stories of how it helps me emotionally but I never tell them about my age play and diapers. When they ask me about the pacifier in the jar I only tell them the back story that my mother told me. You can be as open as what your comfortable with but don't be afraid of what people may think about you. You find your true friends when your really who you are out in the open. Lets face it so long as your not stark naked there will be people who will be your friend. If you catch my drift.


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    I think getting judged was never about us- it is about those around us. Yeah, people will think you are weird, but it doesn't stop there. They will start to judge everything that you are associated to. Your parents, your siblings, your race(especially if you are a minority), your neighbourhood, your school etc. the list goes on. Subconsciously, you wouldn't want to bring a bad name to these groups of people, so you hide them.

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