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FRA is watching us,

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Life's hit rock bottom. The world's going to hell, and that am I supposed to do? I can't believe how people accept the changes. Our belloved little capitalistic government, making the rich even richer. Pulling the common men down the ground. Sweden's fucked up. All these new surveillance laws are insane. The FRA had from January 1st '09 the rights to surveillance the people pretty much how they want to. Hacking into the cables, mounting cameras. And what pisses me of the most? No one does anything. They just relax and let the changes take over everything. Geez, even posting on here makes my feel paranoid. There's nothing to hold some FRA douche from reading every word I write.
And what am I going to do about it? My friends are corrupted with capitalistic propaganda, and trying to demonstrate is futile. No one listen these days. Just... sitting back and enjoying the ride, not knowing they're being manipulated.

This is changing everything. I feel like I can't trust anything no more. I don't know how our government is responding to insubordination, but I am sure as hell that they ain't going to let it progress. Betcha the FRA is already hiring their personal gestapo or something. Something's gotta be done fast, or we're going to have to pull some desperate measures.

And you, dear Adisc'ers? What makes you think that they won't surveillance you too? They're searching all information that passes through Sweden, and I'm pretty sure that Adiscs servers is located outside my country. The FRA treats us all like criminals, to them all of us are suspects, not people. I mean, FRA own's one of the worlds fastest supercomputer. Think that this little server is safe against it? No way.

I was going to post about my emotional breakdown, but I'll save that for another day. The FRA situation has to be dealt with, one way or another. I am, o course, not asking you guys to do anything in this struggle.

To be dead honest. I wish for a civil war, something to change this country. The capitalism must be removed from our government.

Don't take my blog too seriously, I just want you to understand this.


  1. Tsendo's Avatar
    I didn't know Sweden was a capitalist country =O
  2. dangermouse's Avatar
    Welcome to Britain. We're under more surveillance than pretty much any other country in the world (usually in the name of anti-terrorism), and they want even more of it! Someone in a communist country has more privacy than in Britain.
  3. Jewbacca's Avatar
    I thought your country was the only true, 100% functional socialist country.
  4. Kovy's Avatar
    Truly disgusting. It reminds me of George W. Bush's being caught illegally tapping phone conversations, but worse.
  5. ShippoFox's Avatar
    Welcome to the world. It's slowly happening everywhere now.
  6. betagame's Avatar
    Welcome to the beginning of the Police State in your country and this will happen very soon all over the world. People are just staying asleep even they know somethings wrong. People need to wake up to the NWO plans and placements.
    Updated 16-Jan-2009 at 01:53 by betagame
  7. Olliboll's Avatar my friend. or use some other client but Dold is supposedly to be good(though bad when it comes to downloading) supposedly it should be slower, really slower!

  8. IncompleteDude's Avatar
    fyi, the government spying on its citizens is anti-capitalist.

    But then again, in politics words are redefined to serve whatever purpose is desired.
  9. Boogeyman's Avatar
    So.... Paint the town red.
  10. Dark Bringer's Avatar
    ^what incomplete dude said.
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