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Jumpin Jammerz sizing

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Quick question for anyone that happens by this blog. I'm looking to get a new pair of footie PJs, and I haven't ordered from Jumpin Jammerz before. I'm exactly 5'7" (the borderline between small and medium), and within 5 lbs of the small/medium divide as of the last time I weighed myself. So, my question is, if you're on the borderline, is it better to get the larger size or the smaller size for them? Also keeping in mind that I'll definitely be wearing with diapers, in case the need for a bit of extra waist room pushes it over the line.


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  1. Ampelwindel's Avatar
    I would advise going up a size. I'm at the bottom of the large scale and I find the large fits me perfectly. I mean, it's a bit baggy, but hey, they're pajamas, not dress pants.
  2. oleman72's Avatar
    I would go with the medium. I've got a pair from Aww So Cute which are made by the same
    co which makes for Jumpin Jammerz. They're size medium which fit me good and I
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