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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#140

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This Adult Baby, "me" as usual attended worship at my church. Yes! I had to be in hyper-adult mode, since I am a Deacon Elder, until my term in office ends at the end of this month. I did finally have time for Adult Baby "regression" after I returned home and after I performed the necessary chore of cleaning out my pet Guinea Pig's cage. I needed to regress, because I needed to make myself "feel safe". Trying to be "social" takes a lot of cognitive energy for a person with Autism like myself. Plus, I was starting to have another bad childhood memory come to the surface. When my mentally ill Mom was alive, and even when I was a child, at this time of year, she was always mentally worse during the Holiday Season. She really was "hell to live with". It helped to just lie down in my bed and hug one of my soft plush toy animals to help me to calm myself down to be able to rest this afternoon.

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