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Update on my little side

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I posted a thread about coming back into being an adult baby and wanted to update my situation by saying I was comforted back in. I have this weird feeling that God really does not find fault in this activity so long as I don't make it the most important thing in my life. I felt like the retreat I went on just a little while back has helped me on this. (More on that for a post in the Christians group.)

Last night I was really relaxed and instead of a sexual urge to put on a diaper it was my little side knocking on the door. So I let it happen and to my surprise I was really comforted by it. I was able to put on a diaper and wet without being really sexually excited. I was a little turned on but it faded. A real plus when you want this for comfort reasons only.

I am not comfortable with the idea of being a diaper lover yet but I am ok with it going that direction but only in moderation. Just enough to ease myself back in.
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