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Biking in Bellissimos

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Today I took one of my roommate's Bellissimos (with permission) for the first ever Girls' Movie Night! It started at 2:30pm, so obviously by the time it was done, the diaper could handle a ton more still - Bellissimos are ridiculously absorbent. My roommate and I decided that we'd mess around with coupon codes and grab some pizza, but unfortunately the coupons necessitated going down to the restaurant to pick up the pizza. My roommate was unwilling to go and we don't have a car, so I ended up having to bike a bit over 5 miles while wearing a decently wet Bambino Bellissimo.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bellissimos, they are just about the thickest and most absorbent diaper on the market right now. Not only was I riding a bicycle, which is a fairly high-movement activity to begin with, but I was doing it with a diaper that's really hard to even walk in without waddling.

Anyways, the trip was a success! It wasn't hard at all to ride the bike even with the extra bulk, and the extra padding made my normally uncomfortable bike seat extremely comfortable to sit on. I didn't even have any chafing! I'd still prefer not to do this with a cloth-backed diaper as I imagine that would just be asking for horrible chafing, but riding bicycles diapered is something I wouldn't mind doing again! I would be careful to only use diapers with fairly sturdy padding, as I could definitely see the padding clumping and breaking up with a lesser diaper.

A quick other thought on the Bellissimos - the tapes are not very sturdy at all. I needed to apply packing tape shortly after putting the diaper on just to make sure the tapes worked. This might partly be because I'm too small for them, meaning that tension was put on the tapes differently than designed, but I'm pretty sure others have also reported those problems.


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    Sounds like a fun and interesting evening. I've been riding padded for years but only in cloth. I'd really like to try wearing a disposable while in the saddle. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.