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Thoughts on HRT and hormones

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So I'm a new member here on ADISC and thought it would be be a good idea to have my first blog post. This is on a subject that's left me very distressed lately and that's dealing with gender dysphoria and the possibility of hormones in the future.

Now I may sound like I'm tooting my own horn here but I know a lot about transgender issuses and the struggles we face, better than a lot of people already on hrt! One thing is for certain. Once you learn your gender identity, life gets rough. You visualize the person you could be and well, you just arent there yet and may not be there for a long time.

Personally, I have delved deeped into this matter. I have considered all possibilities time and time again. I have to be brutally honest with myself. What do I want and what will I risk getting there? Are the risks worth it?

I have decided that yes, there are risks I will have to take. I may have to go off educated guesses sometimes. I may lose family and friends and I have fully accepted this reality. It won't be a walk in the park.

I have decided that yes, hrt is for me and no, I can't let anyone get in the way of me being who I am and am comfortable being.

While it may be a few more years, I'm going to deal with people sir'ing and mister'ing me. It royally sucks, but I have to.

Someday though. Someday.
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