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Diaper Review: Well Beginnings Girls' Training Pants (My Little Pony Pull-Ups!)

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Well Beginnings is the Walgreens generic brand of diapers, training pants, and other baby supplies. These are the girls' training pants and are My Little Pony-themed.

This is the review of the 4T-5T size. These are also available in 2T-3T size and 3T-4T size, each with unique prints.

Appearance, Size, and Features

The Well Beginnings Girls' Training Pants are primarily white but are decorated from front to back with various Generation 4 My Little Pony characters. Prominently featured on the front of each diaper is Rainbow Dash. The diapers have a wetness indicator in the form of Rainbow Dash's cutie mark, a cloud with lightning bolts sticking out. These diapers have full standing leak guards. They also feature easy-open sides similar to Huggies Pull-Ups - the sides can be detached for easy diaper changes.

Front and back of folded diapers

Three of the diapers were stacked, pressed down with a heavy object (a PS3), and measured to give an average height. The stack was measured at approximately 2.9cm, giving an average thickness of about 1.0cm.

Three diapers stacked

As mentioned earlier, these training pants have easy-open sides, similar to Pull-Ups. These are not really made for using to put on the diapers, but are great for changing out of them. The sides seem fairly sturdy, although I did accidentally rip them at one point.

The easy-open sides

I laid out the diaper and measured its dimensions. These are organized below for simplicity:
Length: 51 cm
Width at center: 11.5 cm between the elastics, 16.5 cm from edge-to-edge
Width at front/back: 17.5 cm
Width at front wings: 23 cm
Width at back wings (unstretched): 33.5 cm

Front and back of unfolded diapers

Performance and Fit

In order to measure the capacity of the diaper, I wore it and poured water down the front 100 mL at a time followed by 30 seconds of sitting accompanying each pour, recording any observations I made and repeating. I concluded the test when the diaper leaked.

At around 300mL, a couple of drops escaped when I poured the water in, but I did not leak when I sat down. The wetness indicator was also mostly gone at this stage. The slight leakage also occurred at 400mL. At 500mL, I leaked significantly when moving around but did not leak when sitting down. I concluded the test regardless.

I believe there to be problems with the method by which the water was poured into the diaper. Pouring the water into the front of the pull-up caused the pull-up to swell up and absorb water in the front rather than in the bottom, despite my attempts to prevent this. I cannot confidently conclude that the actual maximum is between 300 and 500mL, as the diaper did not wick the water enough to simulate wetting. I plan to retry this test if I am able to create a better capacity test, preferably one including a funnel and surgical tubing for flow control and placement (idea courtesy of awesome people in ADISC IRC). I believe the diaper may in fact hold more than 500mL, as it did not leak when sitting down even then.

When refolded and measured, the diaper had swollen to about 5.9cm, around 6 times the thickness of the dry diaper. This is much more swelling than the average training pant but may be attributed to the water delivery method.

Dry diaper next to full diaper after capacity test

My waist size is around 28 inches, but this is well above the approximate max size supported by these diapers. Although normal Pull-Ups fit acceptably, if a bit small (they are for toddlers after all), these diapers were significantly smaller. This is supported by another person's account who happens to be of similar size to me. I can wear these, but they barely cover my butt.

To test the diaper out in a real-life scenario, no matter how implausible expecting baby diapers to be practical is, I wore the diaper for a few hours between 11:30am and 4pm. As I always do and advise others to do, I wet the diaper often and in small quantities. I believe that the pull-up was about at capacity when I changed out of it - any more and I would have worried about leaks. One of the sides of the diaper unfortunately ripped towards the end of this time, although I'm pretty sure that was because of something I did and not because the sides were weak.

Obviously the diaper was discreet, as any baby diapers are. Not really any worries about movement, although sudden large movements might tear the sides. This is really a play diaper and not a practical use diaper, so I won't talk much more about this.

Pricing and Final Thoughts

I obtained these diapers from Walgreens, where they are available in Jumbo packs of 19 for $9.49 ($0.50/diaper) and in larger packs with regionally variant pricing. These are not available anywhere else except through resellers.

I'd recommend these to very small people who like My Little Pony. They are definitely for play, not performance. I personally really enjoy them and find their cloth-like cover to be one of the best around in terms of cloth backings - if only they had bigger sizes... Be warned that these are smaller than Huggies Pull-Ups, unfortunately. The sides are sturdy and stretch, but that doesn't mean most people can fit.

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