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The milestone is near, So how has the mile been?

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Yes, ADISC open it's doors on Jan 15th 2008. And It's almost been a year since then. I set myself up a little target. Kinda like a silly new years resolution in a way. And that was to maintain a post average of 2 posts a day. At the time of wiriting, it's 599. Given that the year 2008 is a leap year. I'll need 366*2 posts. Leaving me to post another 133 posts :O. I've only got 16 days left to reach it. That's 8-9 posts a day. I'll be lucky to do that in a week!

Why did I bring it up? Well, I was prety much described myself as "on fire" during the christmas period. I hadn't posted as much since Summer. I guess it must be due to the more free time I have or the fact that more interesting things for me to post too. I say the latter.

Like anything, thinking of posts thought of my little target and then realised the year is nearing. For ADISC's first birthday. So what have you done during ADISC's first year?

I tell you mine. At the start, I was as well as many other members were in distress after it was confirmed that the crash was one hella of a crash that all the passangers had to be rushed towards the intensive care unit and some didn't make it I'm afraid. Those that did, well their life is now seriously imobilised and full of all sorts of health complications.

Unfortunately it turned out that the crash voided the garentee on out rep. So that wasn't getting replaced, nor was my VIP status that I had just got near the time. And given the events happening in my personal life at the time. I created a thread that I watched closely about it. I never did re-create it on ADISC though. However I wasn't alone, so I had a bit of a buddy to talk about it instead. Which was nice. However I would of liked to share it with a number of other people of the forum. At the time some members were runnign around like headless chickens and didn't seem like the appropiate time to bring up the discussion.

At the start I also went to the IRC far more often than I used to and found out that the IRC is pretty cool. Added a bit of an edge to this site than I last remembered. As I only stayed for about an hour or so every week. I also though IRC was a silly out dated app people shouldn't be using. I was naive I suppose.

Anyway, soon after I got settled into the whole new ADISC business I had to get a little more serious and revise! Oh yeah, important exams were coming up. They would make or break chance of getting into college. So determined infact, I asked for a banning of my account. Moved my computer into the loft, but couldn't bear it to be powered off! So I just used my laptop craptop to check up on how my puppy was doing. XD. It was amazing how much deskspace you gain when you remove a 19" CRT off it. The ban reason wasn't the best and I asked in the request for it to kick on the Friday that week to give me time to explain my absence. But they banned me within hours with the inevitable "Why are/were you banned" messages to come up.

My return.

That was a fun time. I had summer all free. I wasted it really, never did so much things. Then result day did kick in and I thought to myself, "lol, those two months were worth it". Although I was in the IRC most times.

I got into college and Learnt what it is like to be a "big boy" XD. I like my college, it's cool. I get to make new friends and everything! Although I do miss them now that we are all at home for the christmas holidays. But when I started College, I continued to post like I normally do and the such and felt I just kept the ball rolling on adisc. And Talking to various members and keeping active in the chat. What more could I want?

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