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Mommy and Little vs. Girlfriend and Girlfriend

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I have had wonderful experiences with my girlfriend in my abdl lifestyle just from the simple fact that she accepts me and plays as my mommy; however, it is not all perfect in my little life (which I hate because i want to save my stress and worrying for my adult life, Timmy should be stress free). I notice that my girlfriend is not fully indulgent in the lifestyle as my mommy. I feel at times that she switches up and for me once I am in little mode unless I have been pull completely out and submerged into adulthood again on the inside i still feel like a little. Sometimes with mommy I want more than she gives me and I already know that this is a communication thing but I do now know how to address it.

Last night mommy told me before we went home that we were gonna have a lot of fun because we had the house all to ourselves. I was so excited because earlier that day when we were getting dressed she saw a diaper of mine and said that it was going to come in handy (I got very excited at the thought of her diapering me). Mommy had to go to work yesterday morning so she was gone almost all day but once she come home we indulged in some wine and watch a movie and waited for my actual parent to go to work. Once she was gone I just knew that the fun would begin, however, mommy had a bad stomach gas bubble so I did a massage she usually does for me when I am constipated or cannot pass gas to make her feel better. After she just sort of got on her phone and got on social networking sites and I am laying next to her waiting to be diapered or babied or engage in other activities that i cannot say. But none of that ever happened, she eventually started to cramp so she turned over and went to sleep. I was very sad and disappointed. I am a college student and my girlfriend/mommy lives in my hometown while I live 13 hours away, my fall break is now over and I leave tonight, this is why i am so disappointed.

Is it irrational of me to expect her to be my mommy if she is cramping? Am i missing her side? If so please explain it from her point of view if you can. Do I need to have a talk with her?


  1. Marka's Avatar
    Your frustration is understandable... I don't see where it has become something to put on her, as fault, or cause... Unless you think that she was faking it... that would be an entirely different issue... Are you otherwise giving equal time to her needs alone?

    Based on what you've told here... there isn't anything more to do, than hope for better next time...

    Sorry for the bad luck, better luck next time,
    Considering how accommodating she seems to otherwise be... I'd say count your blessings, and make sure that she has other reasons to want to stay with you...

    Show your consideration and appreciation to your [I]mommy[/I], and your girlfriend...

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