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Well Padded

Night at Hotel

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Today I was out of town once again. I wasn't able to leave on time to make it back safely, so I decided to sleep at a hotel. During work today, I didn't have any accidents. I've been using the S/M size Plastic backed Depends briefs. The rustle isn't heard because of the breifs that I use as a cover, and lately have been wearing jeans. Today, I decided to wear a doubler inside and I didn't notice until inside that it made a noticeable difference in the bulk!

I left it as it was and made it through work just fine. While getting ready to go in to shop, all of a sudden it hit me. I found myself dancing back and forth in the parking lot, hiding behind my vehicle, but I couldn't stop. I let it all go, and it was so much that it took a long time to get completeliy absorbed.

Back at the hotel, I immediately take a shower and put on another depends, this time adding extra padding.

I just went out to the 5th floor here at the hotel to the smoking balcony in a TShirt and loose shorts. Once I was on the balcony, I got daring and ended up hanging out in just a diaper and Tshirt.

It was a first for me!I I was so nervous someone would come out, but I soon got over that fear and even ended up taking some good pictures.

Time to go to bed. Keep it powered and padded!

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