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The demise of the plastic-backed Tena Slip Maxi's the worst thing ever to happen to the ABDL community--I'm only semi-joking--and so like many of you I've begun hoarding them. A case arrived earlier this week; I've now got three-and-a-half bags of them left, and unless I order another case (which is distinctly possible) they've got to last me. For the rest of my life.

So now I've begun hoarding them. I won't wear a Tena Slip Maxi unless I know for certain I'll be able to wear it to the point where it's almost falling off. The one I wore this morning, for instance, handled three hours, along with two cups of coffee, two glasses of water, and a tea, and even then I'd have kept it on if one of the tapes hadn't collapsed. I've become like Elaine and her sponges: I'll only wear one if the day's Tena-worthy. I love these diapers; it sucks that they're becoming cloth-backed, although I'll reserve judgement till I've tried the cloth-backed Slip Maxis. In the meantime, the M4's becoming my runaway casual use diaper. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


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