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Well Padded

Changed by my wife

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98% of the time, I put on and change my own diapers. The other 2%, my wife will do it for me. Usually it's when she wants something in return! For instance, she'll say, "<question> Please???? I'll put a diaper on you?!". And I know what that means!

This entails getting powder, A/D, towel to lay on, and I go off to get my diaper combination (pad and diaper) for the night.

I'll come back and she'll have the towel spread over a part of the bed, and I'll lay down as if no big deal. We continue to talk about what we were talking about before (nothing diaper related at this point), as she situates the diaper beneath me and then brings up the front once or twice and the back to assure proper alignment and adjusts if necessary (usually, this means I have to lift up my buttocks for her to adjust.

She then wipes me down with baby wipes and asks if I want A/D. Other times, she doesn't ask, she just starts putting it on. Then almost always, we'll use powder. She REALLY puts this on THICK. Really!! on the sides, on the top, and then she turns me on my side and gets the behind, both cheeks.

THen, she ALWAYS puts additional between my legs, by spreading them out, and POOF POOF! Squeezing so much powder out that it feels nice and cool to my skin! Next is the best part, as she starts rubbing it in. I can't believe the magic and feelings I get from her hands. It's like love making in itself and she knows it as she watches me smile! Then is really, the best part of all, bringing up the diaper front and taping the sides. I have to help at times with this,but it gets done and I lay there BREATHLESS and in DEEP MEDITATION. Strange to describe, but my entire thoughts and mind concentrates/focuses on mid section, where I feel the diaper and powder and lay in front of my wife , in bed with legs spread bc of the padding!

Wow. Words cannot describe. One of these days I'll have to make a deal where she agrees to diaper me every night for a week and I'll do something in return the next week for her. Not a bad idea?! Just remember, it's a TWO WAY STREET!



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    Hey, give and take. Sounds like you guys have a nice balance and stuff, hehe. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.