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Well Padded

Married and in diapers

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I am happily married to a wife who knows all about my incontinent issues and need for protection. I am the only one who wears.

I told her about my incontinent issues in the past after we were married. However, while dating, she always mentioned that growing up she dreamed of having a little blonde baby boy. This turned in to her joking one night at her hotel about putting a diaper on me. She used a towel and while I don't remember those details, all I remember is that's when the big "change" happened in our relationship. "Her baby." I loved it.

What started out as a joke, was merely a door that was opened for me to establish a relationship where "diapering" was included.

Fast forward 15 years.

I have always had a problem with incontinence. It started with dreams, where I would wet in the dream and wake up to wet underwear and mattress. I was able to discover a way to clean up, hide the evidence (well, dry the sheets) and used the sink in the nearest bathroom to soak the undies (better water than urine) and a grab a towel, make it slightly damp and sneak back to my room. How embarrassing! However, didn't make much of it.

My nocturnal enuresis continued off and on, but then stopped for a while during college. I dated once and worried horribly about spending the night with a girl bc of wetting. So, it's always been a fear, including when I met my (now) wife.

Lots of stories I could tell about all of this, but the one I wanted to share is what's been happening recently, and shows how far we've come in our relationship and my 'issues' and 'pleasures'.

She told me the other night while I was laying down in our bed and she was on the computer. "Hey, I'm washing that mattress protector, so you better wear something for protection". I didn't want to, bc I was tired but she was INSISTANT! It was pretty cute. She was very serious and angry that I was not getting up to: brush my teeth, put on protection and make sure house was secure, etc. So I got up, secured the house (was already), went into my home office and looked for a depends pull-up. Didn't have any, only briefs and some cloth type pull-ups. Perfect! I slid on the extra absorbent underwear (it's a diaper, very thick in the middle), pulled my tighty whities over it and shorts, and went back upstairs.

Laying down, I felt very comforted knowing that not only did I have on protection and padding, but my wife MADE ME DO IT and was adamant that I did so.

Days later, she still does not have on the mattress protector! So I'll ask at night, "is the protector back on?".. "NO!" She'll reply in a way that says I know what to do next and what that means.


  1. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    Sounds like a fun angle to things for sure, as long as she's not legitimately upset about stuff and having fun too. Glad things are working out well, hehe.
  2. diprdblonde's Avatar
    I agree. I was concerned about it when younger, but she was the one who first turned it around and started (at the time, sort of a joke...) to treat me like a baby. She would hold me in her arms, resting my head on her chest, being in heaven!

    She diapers me at times and we have fun with it. Always pleasing each other, which is important. However, it's typically "hide my diaper wearing as much as possible" and go on with life as usual. Still, it's NEVER easy, especially now since she doesn't want to diaper me at night necessarily, but she wants me to wear one at night for obvious reasons.

    I am glad she's cool enough to live with it, but as she says, she's not perfect either! She does tend to take an unusual long time when she does change me, however. I like using powder more than creams, unless I have a rash, and she always gets a kick out my response when she points the powder down and inside of my diaper and gives 3 or 4 good squeezes! Feels nice and cool and Love the smell. Hope you and yours are doing as well too!! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.