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In Defence Of: Age-playing as an Infant

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Quick disclaimer - I've used the word 'age-playing' instead of 'identifying' in discussing my experiences. This is partly because I act more often at a toddler stage than an infant one, and because when it comes down to it, I primarily identify myself as an adult.


I've been reading back through a number of ADISC threads on the topic of 'What's your baby age?', just because I find it an interesting window into the way people regress and act in their Little space.

One thing I've found quite prevalent is people showing confusion or disbelief that others could identify or play at an infant age, or in some cases even as a young toddler - because of the idea that you can't do much. I've even seen suggestions made in these threads that individuals ageplaying as infants must be 'suspending disbelief' because otherwise they'd do very little in their Little time.

I primarily like to play at an age of about 18 months (though like most ABs/Littles), I incorporate fun bits from earlier and later stages. I sometimes like to envisage myself as 2 1/2 years old, and at times, as a young infant of 6 months or so.

When I choose to get into this Littlest headspace, I'm well aware that babies of 6 months old can't do much. I don't enjoy it in spite of that, I enjoy it because of that. Just as older Littles enjoy not being able to manage, say, potty training or spoon feeding, I like only being able to do very basic things like crawl, babble and play with infant-targeted accessories like Taggie blankets and cloth books full of bright pictures and fit for chewing on!

I understand that the limitations of Littles at infant age are huge, but for me, that gives me a sense of safety and security. I can only do gentle and repetitive things, which feels reassuring, and I don't need to worry about my words if I can't use any.

Most of the time, 18 months is a better age for me. I like to talk a bit, engage, understand little TV shows, and see my plushies as companions as opposed to just big fluffy shapes. However, I think there's a real sense of completely relaxed and uncomplicated cosiness about being in the littlest mindset of all. At the end of the day, when I finish work, I'm tired. I don't always want to charge around rambunctiously or crash toy cars into each other (though it is fun!) like a toddler. Sometimes it feels just right to act like an infant, because not doing much at all can be the most satisfying thing of all to do.

I hope that gives some explanation to the apparently sizeable number of ADISCers who have typically thought of those who play at an infant age to either be unrealistic for that age, or else that being like an infant is naturally boring. Maybe what I've described above sounds dull to you...but to me, every now and then it feels just right.

Thanks for reading, and lots of hugs ,
~ Snaps


  1. ILoveDora's Avatar
    Interesting, I use 'ageplay' as a term a lot myself, though in my case I actually DO identify myself as being a kid in an adult body, I'm merely acting like a growup when I need to...

    Although, I also use it when I regress younger than my normal little age (7), so yeah...

    though... when I do play an infant role, I don't go as indepth as you, then again for me it's more or less impossible. But even still, just sleeping in a diaper and footie pj's with a paci in my mouth and a teddy bear in my arms is more than enough to make me feel like an infant at night. Even if I were able to, playing as an infant during the day, I probably wouldn't do it. I'd still wear a diaper but I'd just feel like a diapered 7-year-old.
  2. BitterGrey's Avatar
    An interesting post. Where did we get the presumption that our fantasies would somehow be realistic? I suspect that having an infantilistic drive to be one age and developing ageplay practicality to be some other age might be the norm. A bit like 2001 and Star Wars, the idealistic and fun often differ.

    Maybe we should develop separate terms for the two ages so we could discuss them as separate? We might be surprised how quickly the two diverge once we can discuss their divergence.
  3. Sanch's Avatar
    I'm hesitant to try and separate the terms, because I wrote this to help those who play at older ages to understand why people in our community can really enjoy playing as an infant, whilst retaining the same degree of realism which those playing as toddlers or little kids can.

    That said, I think the motivations for age-playing as an infant are generally different to certain other stages. For example, infancy in ageplay is (for me at least) primarily about relaxation, physical comfort and a sense of reassuring helplessness.

    The perks of playing at a toddler age are more evident if you like to communicate in little words and phrases, 'help' Mommy/Daddy a bit, and engage with your plushies on a social level. Those of LK's (Little Kids) are also distinctive, and most LK's seem to like creative pursuits like doing artwork, singing or dancing within the realms of their Little side.

    Basically, people are drawn to different ages because they find the typical attributes and activities of that age to be good for them. Not everyone enjoys the experience of ageplaying at say, very young ages like 4 months old, or further up the scale at 5/6 years old. So I think it's useful to make distinctions. However, virtually all ABs/Littles (sexual and non-sexual) ageplay for the enjoyment and regressive experience of being little - so there are undoubtedly some significant shared similarities across the range of Littleness.
  4. Sanch's Avatar
    Just realised that you actually meant different terms for the infantilistic drive age and the ageplay age(s), Bitter Grey. That said, I've kept the above post up as it still reflects some things I feel are important about the AB/Little community.

    I agree that it might be good to have separate terms for what an individual feels is their default or even natural AB/Little age (if indeed they feel that way at all), and the ages they enjoy playing at and, I suppose, experimenting with.
  5. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    Reminded me to post. I'm not that into it, but I've always understood the desire. Like, there was never a moment where I felt, "I have no idea why someone would like this." I understand what a giving moment that is, giving yourself almost entirely to your mommy and/or daddy. Trusting them completely, 100%. Such a lovely thing.

    I just am obsessed with myself and my adorable personality too much, hehe.
  6. Sanch's Avatar
    Yeah, I remember them saying on the Big Little Podcast that the further back you go in your regression, the more you have to put your trust in the other person - because the level of vulnerability increases. I think that's 100% true.

    In terms of age-playing as an infant by yourself, it's all about crinkly fabrics, plushies with big smiley faces and feeling all warm and cosy! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.