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Four skills I've developed thanks to being an AB...

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Before you read on (if you were even planning to!), none of these skills are immediately impressive or perhaps even remarkable. However, they're positive attributes or abilities I'd previously found difficult or impossible to attain, which I feel my AB/Little side has helped me with.

1.) Empathy

Growing up, I really struggled with empathy and even feigning sympathy towards others. Due to disability and losing my Mother at a young age, I had the idea that most people's problems were annoyances for them, as opposed to life-altering struggles. Though this was sometimes the case, I learnt that that shouldn't stop me caring about people.

By accepting and exploring my AB/Little tendencies, and discovering my less cynical 'Little Headspace', I found I had the ability to be more understanding of the different natures of people I encountered, and of the fact that everyone's worldview is special and important to them. I also realised that what might seem an insignificance to one person can be a very important concern to someone else.

2.) Self-Acceptance

I spent a lot of my teenage years struggling with body-image problems (caused by my diminutive stature and muscle-wasting condition). I also disliked the fact that (aside from ABDL), I was always a bit eccentric and different to people I encountered. I tended to take this out on myself, and to equate difference with inadequacy.

Through exploring my Little side, I finally understood that being different doesn't have to have negative connotations. Being Little was something which made me different, yet also brought me a lot of happiness. It was integral to a wider process in which I began to appreciate that living and functioning in society with my disability should be more a source of pride to me, and not a source of shame or embarrassment.

3.) A good night's sleep

From being about 9 or 10, my sleep patterns were always a real struggle. I'd be fairly regular and sensible in terms of bedtimes and how to wind-down, but often took hours to get off to sleep, or would wake in the morning and be unable to doze off again.

However, after a brief period of embarrassment, I got myself used to the idea of sleeping with a plushie which played lullabies (a pink seahorse who I named Cedric!) and having a soft comfort blanket on my hands or under my head when I went to bed. The improvement has been gradual, but I have far fewer nights where I ruminate on things and can't switch my brain off (I have OCD), and more nights when I fall asleep cradling Cyril or one of my other teddy pals.

4.) Fine Motor Skills

Okay, we're onto the surprising one! Despite needing Ms. NapsALot's help with the odd task, I nowadays manage alright with the muscle problems in my hands. I genuinely attribute this to having to cut tight tags off of toys attached to packaging, replace the batteries in my talking/musical plushies and even attach some rather stubborn (though lovely) In the Night Garden wall stickers! As a practicing AB/Little, my finger and hand dexterity is far better than it ever used to be (even better than when I was single ).

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  1. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    Empathy is one of the things in life I value the most, so I'm glad that it's something you want to work on. Not that I think there is any one way to be, but it makes me happy to o know others value it a lot as welll.

    Self-Acceptance is really important! You deserve to love yourself! I am sad that there is a negative association with doing so, and so many people struggle to feel good about the person tehy are.

    Sleep is super duper important!

    I.. I will be jealous if you get the motor skills up. I have trouble with those myself.. hehe.
  2. Sanch's Avatar
    Totally true about self-acceptance. People are often reticent to love themselves as if it makes them selfish...when in fact it often opens you up to loving other people more easily and being more accepting.

    Agree on sleep. Feel a lot better now I can (usually) get a decent number of hours sleep. Despite my username, I used to have a struggle nodding off at night, never mind napping a lot!

    As for the motor skills, I think princesses can demand people to open jars for them, so you're all good! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.