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Hmm. thoughts on what. Drum and bass? Meh, just the thing im listening to atm. honestly i like a lot of music.(FYI on my self I am trying to become more ambedextrious so i am going to try and start spacing with my left hand as well as my right haha im weird). Anyway. i like all kinds of music. Really anything i can get a beat on and tap and snap too. Even the heavy death metal screemo lung screaching noises. I hated it at first. but pick a song, (thats not a troll band(whichis a band that makes fun of screemo)) and just listen to the lyrics. They speak some real shit man. Like >.> <.< its almost as if they are trying to convey a MESSAGE like EVERY OTHER song GENERE! haha XD Idk i thought it was all metal and screaming at first but as i start to listen to it more often ( not me a buddy of mine) it just grows on ya. its weird. I still like electric/dubstep/techno but i've also dabbeled in jazz, swing, and pop. Even some rap, ie watsky, or Eminem. Shoot getting off topic but who cares. My ID so old XD Firestar, over there in the corner isnt even really my fursona, its more or less what i would like to base my furona over. Firestar aka Fireheart aka Firepaw aka Rusty is a character which you follow in the first series of the Warriors books by Erin Hunter and he by far is my role model. If a cat can be a rolemodel.. Fuck yea why not? Such a great leader. He stands up for what he believes in and fights off what he believes as wrong. And not saying he is 'totalitarian' becuase he is not. He a is a great leader becuase he adapts. He changes as the Series progresses. Even if you dont follow him in the 2nd and 3rd series its ok. He is still in the book( getting shivers just thinking about the books again) and is such a charismatic voice that it is hard not to idiolize him. Well for me anyways. He has been through hardship, good times and bad. and Takes it all as a whole. Idk my random thoughts for today.

~Invaders must die-The Prodigy

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