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Fitting Into Baby Diapers/Pull-Ups (No, Not the Normal Way)

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I am one of the lucky few that can squeeze into size 6 baby diapers as well as Pull-Ups. Obviously the fit is less than ideal, but it's super cheap and really adorable (and they hold WAY more for their size than any adult diaper). That said, they don't fit perfectly, they don't absorb as much as adult diapers, and not everyone is as lucky as me. I think I have a good solution to this problem that should work very well, although it will make the diapers quite a bit more expensive.

The General Concept

My idea basically boils down to attaching baby diapers to adult diapers so that their absorbancy is combined and the outside of the diapers is the same as the baby diapers. We'd use a cheap but high quality adult diaper and whichever baby diaper you'd prefer. Basically, you'd cut a hole in the adult diaper's outer layer approximately the size of the baby diaper (slightly smaller to prevent leaks), remove the elastic leak guards and tabs from the baby diaper, and glue the baby diaper to the adult diaper using waterproof glue. This is not a wholly original idea - someone else proposed this before, but I am unable to find their thread. Unfortunately, this will result in a small amount of white on the edges of the diaper and an uncolored space in the back of the diaper, but it's about the closest you can get to baby diapers that fit like adult ones!

Taped Diapers

Standard baby diapers such as Luvs, Huggies, or Pampers that tape on would be fairly simple. You need:
  • One (1) cloth-backed adult diaper, preferably one with absorbant material that stretches all the way. NorthShore AirSupremes would probably be decent for this (and fairly thick) but I'm sure Wings and MoliCares would also work (and be slightly cheaper). Use plastic backed ONLY if the baby diaper is plastic backed.
  • One (1) baby diaper of your choice in the largest size available (usually 6). Huggies Overnites are often preferred for their absorbancy that can rival adult diapers.
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some Gorilla Glue or other waterproof glue

Cut out the leak guards from the baby diaper without cutting into the padding. This doesn't have to be perfect. Then cut off the tapes and wings of the diaper (basically the space with no patterns/colors). Lay the diaper out flat - without the elastic, it should basically do this on its own. Glue the top front edge of the baby diaper to the top front of the adult diaper - just a line of glue across the top edge. Now, cut a hole in the cloth-like backing of the adult diaper that is as large as it can be while being slightly smaller than the baby diaper. This should allow wetness to soak through the adult diaper into the baby diaper, almost as if you're using the adult diaper as a stuffer. Carefully stretch out the baby diaper and glue its edges onto the adult diaper, making sure to cover the entire hole and to not leave any breaks in the glue or it will leak. Assuming the adult diaper had the same type of backing as the baby diaper, the tapes of the adult diaper should stick just fine to the baby diaper. You should now have what basically amounts to an adult-sized baby diaper.

Pullup Diapers (Pull-Ups, Easy Ups, etc.)

These can be a little bit more complicated, but not horrible. You need:
  • One (1) L/XL Goodnite/Underjam/bedwetting diaper OR
  • One (1) adult pull-up diaper. Note that adult sized pull-ups probably won't look as cute.
  • One (1) baby/toddler pull-up diaper of your choice in the largest size available (probably 4T-5T). Popular choices include Pull-Ups, Easy Ups, Well Beginnings (My Little Pony designs!!!), and more. Try to avoid the "Cool Alert" ones as they won't perform as advertised when modified this way.
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some Gorilla Glue or other waterproof glue

Begin by carefully cutting off the sides of the baby pull-up and saving them. You do not need to save them if you fit well into Goodnites/Underjams/whatever and if they are not the "easy open" velcro sides. I know Huggies Pull-Ups have the easy-open sides, so you should always save those. Follow the instructions in the taped diapers section for applying the baby diaper to the adult/teen one. First of all, guess what? The "learning designs" will still fade when you are wet, so if you like role-playing that you had an accident, this works very well!

Now comes the secondary optional portion that only applies to pull-up diapers. If you don't fit into Goodnites well or you'd like easy-open sides just like real Pull-Ups, this is for you! Cut all the way down the sides of the modified Goodnite around half an inch from the front. If you have Pull-Ups or other diapers with easy-open sides, take the front piece of that (the "landing zone" for the side-tapes) and glue it to the small bit of side left on the front of the Goodnite. Next is the more important part. Attach the "tapes"/sides of the Pull-Up (the other part of the ones that you cut off earlier) to the sides you just glued on. Put on the modified Goodnite and stretch the side to where it should fit then use a paperclip or some other method to attach the tape-side temporarily. If you're making a bunch of these at once, now is the time to mark these locations on every one you're modifying so you don't have to do this again. Glue the back side of the Goodnite to the tape-side of the Pull-Up. Cut off any extra material on the Goodnites sides to avoid discomfort. You should now have what looks like a Pull-Up but actually fits perfectly!

If you're doing this because you don't fit into Goodnites and you don't have pull-ups with easy-open sides, follow the instructions without worrying about attaching/detaching sides. Just attach the extra sides in between the cut sides of the Goodnite and cut off extra material.

Sorry if that didn't make sense. If I can get some extra money put together to try this for myself, I'll take pictures and make a full tutorial with pictures. At the moment I'm a bit low on cash (read: $0 in my bank account and $0 stable income), so I can't really do that. I do have some extra Luvs Size 6 and a bunch of adult diapers, so I might put something together with that, but it won't have the Pull-Ups tutorial. If someone wanted to send me a pack of Goodnites and Pull-Ups via Amazon, I'd be happy to make a tutorial, but I doubt anyone would :P

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