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Planning for Spring

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Hello everyone!

This morning at six registration for spring classes started for freshman with less than 29 hours at my school. I already wasn't too happy with having to get up at five thirty but I didn't know it would be so hectic. The servers kept crashing and it took over half an hour just to get into Webadvisor. It was as if I was grocery shopping on black Friday but only the self-check out lanes were open. Luckily I got it to go through and none of my preferred classes were full yet so I don't have any schedule problems, and that's a huge relief!

I also got my presentation for tomorrow done. We are talking about our views on leisure and wasting time. It is a very interesting subject and I would definitely recommend anyone who is curious to go read a work called Plato's Apology. It is about the story of Socrates, who I personally had a lot of misconceptions about.

Good news! My good friend who I was planning to room with before our wonderful administration screwed things up has an empty spot in her room now. Her evil roommate finally moved out! Perhaps evil is a bit too harsh... but she WAS rude at the least.
Plus she bought a pet fish without telling them and then told them to feed it. I would probably be a little annoyed as well.

I saw the first snow flurries this season today so I hope everyone is staying warm and well!

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