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Trying to forum more. Talk to more people and make some more diapered/furry friends. Ranting is a good way to get stuff off my chest but i already did my rant on FA so this one is really just to show im not dead. I am alive athough alot of stuff is outdated since i check in on adisc like once a month. Going to try and start checking up atleast once a day. Along with FA, just once a day. Maybe post some things or write/blog/rant/ Idk haha. i was supposed to be in bed an hour ago. But here i am once more awake around midnight procrastinating on sleep haha. well more like getting up to get ready for sleep. becuase sleep leads to school. But sleep also means a chance at lucid dreaming! which i just noticed from the above post before i created this on ehaha. Yea i still want to di it but ITS SO HARD. i cant even 'wake up' inside my dream so its become a hopeless effort. I want to give up but then i have at least 7 hours EVERY DAY to try this so ther ereally is no reason not to. Mind Awake, body asleep.

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