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Misrepresentation and why texting is not effective at conveying tone or emotion.

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Far too many folks out there think if you know a person long enough you'll know what they say in a text, email, or chat. This is untrue... If you were to gauge the tone of this what would you say? Annoyed? Angry? Sad? Wrong on all counts. I am for lack of better words, dissapointed. I am a stickler for details, I am sensitive, and I am often never undersood properly. I have always had the issue of communicating the proper tone, evidently I'm on such a different way of thinking, I scare some. I do not like to express violence physically, but rather verbally. If need be I would follow through on what I say to prove a point, but I don't like being mean. I've suffered a lot in my life. I would have hoped most folks would see that I am a hurt person. I have the open wound of depression still fresh in my mind. Every harsh word, every mean action, and every glare.... pours salt in the wound and kicks me while I am down. I have been fighting all of my life just to be alive. I am thankful for the very air I breath, the food I eat, and my loved ones. I will keep on fighting until the end, but it hasn't gotten any easier. People think I have more issues than most but guess what? I'm just more open and honest about my past, present, and future. I guess that intimidates people. I hope this post does more harm then good, I seem to attract things unintentionally. Well, that's it for now. Peace!
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  1. Cottontail's Avatar
    Don't feel bad. We're a friendly but inquisitive bunch here. You should expect that anything offered as a fact or opinion might become the subject of good-natured argument. Nobody is "calling you out" or getting nasty. You seem a nice sort of person. It's ok to agree to disagree. You happen to have stumbled onto a hot button straight off, but it happens to everybody sooner or later.

  2. Marka's Avatar
    And, to add to that, Premetheus... the issues with depression, and un-learning what depression would have us to believe... I know from my own personal experience, from my own over-reactiveness, from my own extreme sensitivity, my own anger, and angst... hurt, isolation, etc...

    What I irrevocably [I]knew[/I], from my earlier days... were not all the things that can only come to you in time and experience... all the knowing in the world will not prepare you for...

    No matter what you have experienced before... this is not that time again... this is a new time, a new opportunity... new people... people that care, and wish to genuinely be of help...

    You are not tainted, or broken... you are only disarranged by this depression... it's neither you, nor us... let us help, we will try honestly...

    I do not have a crystal ball to show you the future... you wouldn't believe it's potential even if I could show you...

    You are amongst friends... somehow, you must come to know that...

  3. Premetheus's Avatar
    All I ever wanted was to fit in. To feel normal. Once I realised I could never have that I gave that idea up. I try again and again to find people I can relate to, when I find them? I mess it up by saying something that no one seems to understand. No matter how clear or unclear I am, I am wrong. I couldn't even convince you that the sky is blue on a summer day because someone would come up with some random fact that makes me feel stupid. Make no mistake, I made this account on here for good reason. However even the purest of intentions can lead you astray. I'm not going to delve back into anything and I won't bring anything up. I know a lot of what both of you said already. Be not as it may seem, I'm more intelligent than I'd like anyone to believe. I do not believe in overthinking but underthinking is definitely real. I do not like to limit myself, so sometimes, I just don't. As far as "It's okay to disagree" and "You should expect that anything offered as a fact or opinion might become the subject of good-natured argument" go.... there is no such thing in my book as a good argument. Why? Because I always end up getting hurt or upset no matter what the 'argument' is about. I have had enough arguments to last me a literal lifetime. Not a single one has been 'good natured' even if it was about something good. The word arguement is negative on its own standing. The very word makes me feel pressure in my stomach. I stopped coming on here for a few days because I could not believe how out of hand things got. Not everyone might have seen it that way.... but I sure did. I was dissapointed in myself and that no one would listen to me. I don't want little 'arguements' to stop me from coming here as other sites have managed to do to me. I have a small list of sites that I have a difficult time going to because I know at least one person will say something they shouldn't to someone they shouldn't (me). I just hope to avoid instances like that in the future. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.