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Happy Distractions

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The last few days have been kind of dark for me. I've had lots of heavy stuff on my mind. I may post something about that eventually, but right now I would much rather share something that makes me feel really happy. I lived in South America for a few years during grade school. There was a Chilean TV show called 31 minutos, that I absolutely loved. It is a satirical puppet comedy news show. I think its kind of subversive and witty and hilarious. In lots of Latin America it has been hugely popular with kids and adults. Anyway, the show had stopped airing around 2006 I think. I still watched old episodes on youtube, but I was kind of bummed that the show had been discontinued. Much to my surprise and pleasure, the other day, I discovered that they had started making new episodes again in 2014! They are all available on youtube. Even if you don't speak Spanish, I would recommend watching some. There is plenty of quirkiness and slap-stick comedy that requires no translation. When I want to feel little, I actually really like watching things in languages I don't understand. I figure its a very similar feeling to trying to learn your first language early in life. So here is a link to a song, from one of the new episodes that I LOVE. It makes me feel happy inside like I felt when I was a kid It will be entertaining whether or not you understand the words. The title is "Mi Mama Me lo Teje Todo" translated it means "my mom knits everything for me". The first 1:20 is funny and strange, but slow. Be patient, after that it really takes off. Please give this a watch. I think it will make you happier

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