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Good news!

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Hey Guys!

You know, I honestly didn't expect to be sharing so much with you all but every evening when I get back to my dorm I'm always so excited to come see how things are going. I genuinely enjoy doing this though and I'm happy to have such a supportive bunch to express my thoughts to. I probably won't do this so often in the future, but a lot has happened lately and I like to keep you updated in case there is someone who actually cares about little ol' me(no pun intended).
Today a lot of good things happened!
In addition to sorting out the classes I'll be taking next semester, my psychology professor has been encouraging us to get together and study so he literally made us give each other our phone numbers a while back. Although this was an awkward moment for me, I actually did make a couple of new friends out of it who I FINALLY worked up the courage to go sit and talk with today. They were nice to me and I enjoyed being in class for once, even if it was just to sort out schedules. The thing is, I'm not actually that shy. Once I know people I love to talk and I really hate being alone. I just get really nervous and can barely work up the guts to talk to strangers.
I also have been thinking a lot lately. One of my roommates who is super friendly, not to say that the others aren't nice or anything, is always hugging me and petting my hair and the other day she even said something along the lines of I make her not hate kids so much. Although I'm fairly certain she doesn't suspect anything and it is purely coincidence, I have been considering telling her about this side of me. I feel that she would take it the best out of the three of my roommates, who I realize I have been talking about a lot lately. I was also thinking if I see how she takes it then I could tell them one at a time. I feel like it is a personal thing and I also don't want to tell them all at once.
Not to mention a couple of people have been encouraging me lately so I may just give it a shot. If it doesn't work out, at least I'll have it off my chest and I will have different roommates next semester so I won't have to worry about them being uncomfortable anyway.

As always, stay well and I love you guys!

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