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NorthShore Youth Diapers Test Run (Review)

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Today I decided to test out the new NorthShore Premium Youth Briefs.

For those who do not know, my waist size is around 28 inches. The Youth diapers are advertised to fit the enormous size range of 18-33 inches. They were plenty large enough around for me to tape on. Unfortunately, they were just a bit too short length-wise to be really comfortable. I don't think this is actually necessarily an issue with the length of the diaper - I'm pretty sure with two tapes instead of one, positioned higher and lower than the current tape, this wouldn't be a problem. I just don't see someone much bigger than me fitting into these well, and there were another 5 inches of advertised waist size to go. Someone with a 33 inch waist could probably put on and tape these diapers, but they'd be falling off unless supported by a onesie or something like that.

I think that offering two sizes, one to fit people from 18-26 inches and one to fit people 25-33 inches (or something like that), would be a much better way to do this. The larger of those two sizes should definitely have two tapes, although a smaller diaper for smaller people could get away with the one tape that they currently have.

Aside from the length, these fit really well. In a sharp contrast to the Supremes I recently reviewed, these were very easy to move around in and made no sound whatsoever. The stiffness problem with the Supremes was completely nonexistent with these. They were decently thin while still being somewhat noticeable, and were extremely comfortable to walk while wearing.

I put one of these on at around 1pm today and took it off unexpectedly at 5:30pm due to reasons I will discuss later. To test its flexibility before I committed to staying in it all day, I did some basic stretching in the diaper, and it easily stood up to every one of my movements without any signs of looseness in the tapes or anywhere else (it was definitely flexible enough for this). I walked around 5-6 miles in it total, went to McDonalds, and shopped for groceries. I never had any issues during this time. Unfortunately for the purposes of this review, I didn't need to use the diaper until I got home, so I didn't get the ability to test its wet performance during an average day. Based on this, I'd definitely recommend this diaper for a good daytime diaper for smaller people.

Some short time after I returned home, I used the diaper for the first time. It easily stood up to a fairly decent wetting without me having to worry at all about potential leaks, despite the lack of leakguards. Before I finally took it off, the diaper was fairly wet. It seemed to have drawn the wetness both forward and back fairly well and had not gotten thicker at all. I would guess that I would not have had to worry about leaks for quite a while still. This is probably a 6-8 hour diaper for me, although I wet less than an average person.

Now to the unfortunate problem: the tapes. The tapes initially appeared awesome. Unfortunately, I kept feeling like the diaper was falling down due to the lack of tape in the upper area of the diaper. I'm not sure raising the tapes would help, but if NorthShore wanted to keep this a single-tape diaper, I'd advise lengthening the diaper slightly and making the tapes larger so as to hold better. The tapes were standard velcro-ish tapes for cloth-backed diapers and never showed signs of coming off at all, so I'd doubt you'd have trouble with the diaper actually falling off - I just think you might feel like it's coming off if the diaper isn't lengthened at all.

The actual problem I had with the tapes is that when I took off my pants at the four and a half hour mark to check how the diaper was doing, the left tape was broken. And when I say broken, I mean the plastic part of the tape had snapped in a straight vertical line, something I've never seen before with tapes. I'd be willing to give NorthShore the benefit of the doubt with this one and say that it was probably just a fluke since the rip was not a standard rip - it actually ripped about a half centimeter away from rather than directly through what looked to be the "weak point" on the tapes, so it was probably just a single QC error.

Overall, these diapers are definitely something I could see myself using regularly. They don't hamper my movement at all, are virtually invisible, and don't swell up, meaning that they are a perfect fit anytime you want to go out in public or even just do household chores. I'd be worried about the lack of leakguards if you tend to flood, though. And of course these will hold less than the Supremes.

What I'd like to see changed: either use two tapes or a larger, maybe slightly higher tape. Lengthening the diaper by just a few (3-4) inches as well as modifying the tapes would fix that fit issue for sure. If unilaterally changing the diaper in this way is not an option (since this is also supposed to fit smaller people), I'd advise making two separate sizes of this diaper since 18-33 inches is an enormous category to try and fit with one diaper. Please keep the thickness and material exactly the same - the diaper fits, flexes, and moves perfectly for general use. Leak guards would of course be awesome, but the diaper seemed to perform well enough without them - they would just make me feel a bit safer out in public.

Bottom line: if you're on the smaller side and want something you can actually walk in without waddling, these are awesome. If you are larger than 33 inches (which isn't very large), want something thick or squishy, or like to flood or waddle, these are not a diaper for you.

You can buy these diapers directly from NorthShore, and I believe they will eventually be available by the case on Amazon.

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