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NorthShore Supreme Test Run (Review)

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Last night I decided to give the medium NorthShore Supremes a test. I put one on at around 10:30pm last night and took it off at 7:30am today.

Of course, the first thing I noticed was the tapes. The tapes on the NorthShore Supremes are only sort-of refastenable, contrary to my earlier reports. One thing you should definitely note: once the tapes are on, DO NOT try to remove them. They stick very well - almost too well, in fact, as attempting to remove tapes that are already stuck will rip the plastic casing (which will spill out SAP). The tapes are in fact refastenable, though - remove the white tapes from the blue tapes underneath and you can stick those wherever needed. You only get to fasten the tapes twice, so make sure you get it right the first time!

At first, they were quite annoying to walk in due to the stiffness - despite preparing them exactly as labeled, they still gave me difficulties. While they definitely became easier to move in after being in them for a while/moving around, the stiffness remained, creating a bulk between the legs that might make this annoying for daytime wear. Fortunately, I didn't have to move around more than just around the house.

The crinkle of the plastic backing is extremely noticeable if you are wearing thin pants or a skirt. Once I put on jeans over top, the sound was pretty much inaudible, so you might want to plan to wear jeans or heavier pants (no yoga pants or pajama pants) if you are trying to keep quiet. The crinkle also died down once the diaper was a bit wet.

I wet these several times throughout the night - a couple of times before I went to sleep (at around 2am) and once in the middle of the night - and had no problems. At no point while wearing these could I feel wetness (despite the obvious little bit of swelling). The diaper didn't swell very much at all, even right before I changed. I unfortunately wasn't able to test their performance when laying down, but I suspect they will be perfectly fine, as I will discuss soon. The wetness indicator turns blue when wet. It was about halfway blue after a single wetting, and after a second, it was entirely blue, despite being nowhere near capacity and me feeling completely dry.

Unfortunately, I was having difficulty going back to sleep (plastic backed diapers are hot when the weather doesn't cooperate - nothing to do with the quality of the Supremes), so I ended up getting up to take a shower at around 7:30am (approximately nine and a half hours after putting on the diaper). It didn't feel anywhere near filled when I did so and probably could have been worn twice as long as it was. Since I had a diaper and I was going to take a shower, I figured I might as well give it the shower test.

You remember those baby diaper commercials in which the baby is peeing in a jet-like stream but the diaper contains it somehow? That's basically these diapers. The NorthShore Supremes did not even leak in the shower. I stepped into the shower and thought I must be crazy, so I detached the showerhead so that the full force of the water went straight into the diaper - no leaks. Once I moved around and stretched my legs out, the diaper did leak, but there is absolutely no way that flooding these without moving around would cause a leak - the leak guards are just that good. The diaper didn't even swell up that much in the shower - I could still move pretty freely even with it well past its maximum capacity. Basically, these are crazy good diapers (unless you want swelling, of course).

This brings us to the one horrible weakness of the Supremes. You remember me talking about the tapes earlier? They rip the plastic backing when they come off. That includes when changing out of them. Normally, you probably won't notice too much - the Supremes probably won't be saturated up by the tapes during normal use. However, the one time you do soak it too much and try to change out of it, SAP will come spilling out. I actually consider this a relatively minor problem - out of all four tapes on the Supreme I was wearing, only one sufficiently ripped the plastic to the point of spilling out SAP. Unfortunately, that still left me with a pile of goo to clean up. Most likely, you won't run into this problem unless you regularly shower in a diaper (which I don't and wasn't even planning to do), but be aware that the plastic will rip relatively easily when removing the tapes.

Overall, the NorthShore Supreme is a very good diaper. It's very absorbent and has great wicking and leak guards, so you shouldn't have to worry about accidentally damaging your favorite chair. Just be a bit careful at changing time and walk around in it a bit to help with the stiffness. I'd definitely wear these again, though I'm also excited to check out the Youth and AirSupreme diapers.

I might have to look into wearing some of these during a marathon stream on Twitch sometime.


  1. SnowBlitz's Avatar
    One thing I know that can help prevent ripping plastic off the diaper itself is adding a Taping panel. How do go about doing that however, I have no idea.

    Great review though! Thanks
  2. KatelynG's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by SnowBlitz
    One thing I know that can help prevent ripping plastic off the diaper itself is adding a Taping panel. How do go about doing that however, I have no idea.

    Great review though! Thanks
    Thanks for the input! I hope to do a bunch more reviews as soon as I can, hopefully in ADISC-style.
  3. bean's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by SnowBlitz
    How do go about doing that however, I have no idea.
    Thanks for the informative review. A taping panel can be added simply by placing a couple strips of clear packing tape over the front of the diaper before putting it on. Then the diaper tapes adhere to packing tape, and can be removed without tearing the diaper shell. I have done this many times with a good rate of success.
  4. SoggyDoggy's Avatar
    I agree with what you said about the supreme diapers. I wore one all day and night peeing several times throughout the day and night, and no leaks. The only problem I had was that one of the tapes let go from the diaper after about 10 hours of wear. The plastic backing is soft, smooth, and surprisingly quite compared to other brands. I give it 5 stars for performance, 4 for comfort, 3 for the tapes, and 5 for the plastic backing.
  5. barkd74's Avatar
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