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It's Christmas Eve.

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I should ideally be doing Revision. Which I am. But I faily at it misserably. If anything, I'm still trying to catch up on one or two peices of work that are pretty useful for my course. Considering one is going to get marked towards my final grade and the other stuff that will come up in the Janurary exams. Over all, I'm not looking forward to them.

Except maybe the odd one or two :P.

I get 5 tests! Woot! But one I really dread. But again. Each module is as important as the other. So it helps to know it all. I'm in the middle or should I say just started to review and re-write my notes. Ideally, I should be doing a fair bit of outside research on this. As the lectures them self are not suffecient to get a decent grade.

Other than a bit of CoD4, and reading on other computery stuff and playing around. I am procastinating, but putting myself under the illusion that I'm not as it's computer related and I'll be a 'computer engineer'. :P

Anyway, I't may be a bit last minute. But I changed my avatar to reflect the present holiday.

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