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Emotional Rescue Redux

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About a year ago I blogged about wearing diapers for emotional purposes and not just as fetish objects. we are again.

It's been a long couple weeks. Two weeks ago I went off antidepressants, which was a long-standing goal of mine. What I didn't anticipate were the side effects, which were myriad and surprisingly aggressive. They finally started to abate a couple days ago, but I think I'll be feeling their emotional effect for a while. Yesterday, for the first time in ages, I got the overwhelming urge to wear diapers; I needed to be diapered, needed it as a reprieve from the past couple weeks. And so I visited an ABDL shop, blew almost $100 on Tenas and ATNs, and this morning, for the first time, I wore a Tena Slip Maxi...and then I wore to work, soaking the diaper throughout the afternoon. I'm now sitting in a fresh one; I'd have stuck with the other one, but it got to the point where the tapes couldn't hold it up anymore.

I think I underestimate my emotional attachment to diapers: I tend to wear more when I'm anxious, and my binge wearing (which usually only happens a couple times a year) often coincides with work-related stress (my personal life, happily, is relatively stress-free these days). I'm okay with this, because it helps me understand why I wear diapers. Ultimately, I've grown to accept that it doesn't really matter why I wear diapers--but I'm over-analytical by nature, and these are the sorts of things I think about whenever I wear. Today, diapers got me through the afternoon--and now, they'll get me through the evening as well.

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