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Good news: dating and diapers

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My experience in dating and romantic relationships etc. has been severely limited. This has been due to a lot of factors in my life. My interest in diapers is not really even one of them, but it is something that I've spent plenty of time being anxious about, and wondering how I would go about bringing up the topic. I'm glad I've been able to read accounts of so many people's experiences of this stuff here on ADISC. That has been very helpful. I decided a while back that I would want to be open about this part of myself fairly early in the dating process, before things get too serious. I want whoever I'm dating, to know what they are getting themselves into from the start. So lucky me, I've finally had the chance to put some of these ideas to the test. About six weeks ago, I met a really nice guy and we went out to dinner. We hit it off pretty quick, and we've been dating ever since. Its been great getting to know each other.

I really like him a lot, and he seems to like me a lot too. So in the last couple weeks I knew things were getting serious enough that I should tell him about my diapers and such. A few days ago he spent the night at my place, and I was planning on broaching the topic at some point if it seemed right. Before too long, things took a turn for the unexpected. We were laying in bed, talking when he suddenly asked if he could look at the pictures on my phone. I almost said "Sure!" until I remembered that I had previously taken a few photos of my self, diapered that I had forgotten to delete. So I kind of grinned sheepishly and told him my phone had some photos I didn't want him to see. I think that would have been kind of a shocking way to break the news. Of course he wasn't satisfied and this did nothing but pique his curiosity. I kept trying to change the subject, and he kept asking to see the photos. Later on that night before we were about to sleep, he was asking again, so I figured it was as good a time as any to tell my secret.

So, I told him that I like diapers a lot. That it can sometimes be sexual, but most of the time its just a great source of comfort and stress relief. I told him I had been wanting diapers for as long as I could remember. I told him that I realize it is pretty strange, but it hurts no one, and it is a part of myself I have decided to accept and embrace. I think he was surprised, but he took it really well. He didn't freak out or anything. He said he wasn't bothered by it. To say I was relieved at that point would be an understatement! When that conversation was over, we pretty much went straight to sleep.

The next morning we both woke up pretty early. We talked for a while, and of course he wanted to see the photos again. Normally I wouldn't mind showing photos, but these particular ones just weren't very good, and I never intended to share them with anyone. So, I said no. Instead I offered to put on a diaper, so he could see one in person. He said that would be fine, so I got one out of my closet and put it on. We got back in bed and slept for a while longer. After years of diapers being such a secretive and solitary activity for me, the way this made me feel was amazing!! Since then, we have had a few more brief conversations about diapers, he has still been open and accepting. I am just introducing things a little bit at a time.

I hope I can figure out if there is some aspect of diapers or diapering that he enjoys or finds to be a turn on. I hope this can become something he gets pleasure from, rather than feeling like he is just trying to please me. If not, that is OK too. I'm looking forward to continuing this process. I may even show him around this great forum here before too long

I realize nothing I'm talking about is particularly exceptional, and plenty of people have great relationships even with diapers included. I just wanted to share another positive story, as a way to encourage people who might be worried about their diapers preventing them from finding a suitable mate. I know I used to worry about it a lot. But there is really no need to worry. I'd be happy to hear any more good stories people have on the topic, or if people want to share advice, that is welcome too. If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

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  1. Marka's Avatar

    I don't want to come off nagging (I was able to read parts of this)... yet, would you please put some paragraph spacing in, so it's not a [I]wall of text[/I]... that would make it much more easy to read, process, and to help to not keep loosing place on which sentence that one is reading...

    I think this would help you get better reader turn-out, and probably more responses too...

    Ever so respectfully,
  2. bean's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice Marka. I was in bit of a rush when I posted this, but you are right that the lack of paragraph spacing made it difficult to read. Hopefully it will be a little better now.
  3. Marka's Avatar
    [QUOTE=bean]Thanks for the advice Marka. I was in bit of a rush when I posted this, but you are right that the lack of paragraph spacing made it difficult to read. Hopefully it will be a little better now.[/QUOTE]

    Indeed it is, bean! Thank you! :)
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