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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an Adult Baby"...#130

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I just had not much to tell about lately. I have been doing more video shooting for the Derry, NH Community Public-Access CATV Channel. Of course, as a volunteer, I never get paid for all the video I shoot or the programming I edit and produce.

Earlier this evening, I had to pick up the mess in the kitchen. If I do not do it, it never gets done.

I have also had to scoot downstairs into the cellar to get myself a clean towel and a pair of socks for tomorrow.

Just alone here by myself with only my own thoughts for companionship. My younger brother has gone to bed, and I will remain awake until ~ 1:30 AM.

Solitude is normal for an autistic person like myself.

I will note, that earlier this evening, before cleaning up the kitchen, I spent time downstairs in the den working on a "retro" hardware design. It is only a 4-bit Asynchronous ALU. An ALU is an Arithmetic and Logic Unit, the central hardware of a computer.

I have not watched the news today. Mostly now it is all about how the world is "Going to Hell". Ebola epidemic in Africa, the Tea Party being fucking scared shit-less of living in a Gay Non-White America, ect. Nobody has any good news about anything anymore.

Sinking into depression again...

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