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Arietta's LG Toys: Pink Pac-Man Ghost Plush

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Yeah.. right after I decided "Oh, I don't get much non-LG toys I can totally label this my LG toys what do I get? A toy that's not exactly on topic but not off topic either" oh well. It's not off-topic anyway.

Today the mommykitty came home with a pink PAC-MAN ghost for me. I told her that I thought the pink and blue ghosts and the PACMAN were cute. They are styled like old-fashioned and stuff.. which I really like.

(Sorry for not taking my own picture this time.)

The ghost is 4 inches tall and manufactored by Paladone, who seems to make lots of PAC-MAN stuff. At 4 inches it's just a bit smaller then the doll I bought the other day. The material on the ghostie is so soft! Seriously.. you just want to run your hands up and down the soft material. Even hug it, although hugging such a small thing can be hard for me. Probably easier for others!

Right on the ghosts forhead there is a little nub you can feel.. that's what you press to make the old-fashioned ghost sound effects. You know.. whoo-oo-whoo-oo. Like you're playing PAC-MAN.

That one. It's very cute. It's a perfect addition to a gamer plush collection, and even one with a emphasis on girly pink things will find some love! That soft pink is so soothing to the eyes.

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